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Thursday, March 28, 2024

BEACH Portrait Sessions are Ready for Booking!


Are you vacationing this spring or summer at North Padre Island or Port Aransas?
What a perfect opportunity to have your family portrait captured while you are all relaxed on vacation without the stresses of everyday life!

We are now booking Beach Portraits for families, children, couples or high school seniors.
Your personalized session will take place at Sunrise or Sunset which is the most magical 
time of day to be on the beach.

We are scheduled to be on North Padre Island on two different dates in 2024:
April 12-14
July 3-7

The first step is to book a complimentary Design Consultation where we will discuss all the details of your session. You can book that by clicking HERE or the old fashioned way....210-497-3809.


Check out the great images of graduating seniors below.

Have a car/truck/jeep you want to be photographed with you? The beach is a fabulous place to have that unique photo created.

With today's home decor, Beach Portraits are a beautiful color palette that goes well with all the soft and subtle color tones of your decor. Let us help you design the perfect piece for your space. 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Barefoot in the Gardens {San Antonio Children's Photographer}

 Join us for 


 Your little ones are growing way too fast. The only way to "stop" time, is to capture them and their sweet personality forever with a beautiful portrait. We are offering a quick session on our beautiful portrait grounds during the months of March, April and May at an incredible price.

Here are the details:

Session is for Individual Children Only and lasts 30 minutes.

Session will take place Tuesday-Friday during March, April or May 2024

Your session fee of $149 will cover the cost of the session and 1-5x7 image of your child.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a design consultation?

If you are a returning client, you may have a phone consultation instead of an in-person meeting. If this is your first time to visit our studio, we do like to meet with you in person. The consultation should only last about 30 minutes and is the most ideal way to ensure your satisfaction with the final results.

How long is my session?

These are petite sessions, meaning they are about 30 minutes long. Of course, the age and attitude of your child may require a shorter or longer session to be able to create stunning portraits.

Can we bring a change of clothing?

This session is only 30 minutes, so we only have time for ONE outfit.

I have 3 children, can I have them all photographed together?

Allowing us to work individually with your child, will bring out that precious smile, or that sweet little smirk that is so uniquely them. This will allow us to focus 100% of our time creating a piece of art that showcases each child individually.

If you have multiple children, we would suggest making multiple sessions so that each child has their own portrait. You can have those sessions back to back or on different days, whichever you prefer.

Can I purchase more or choose a different size portrait?

Of course! You may shop off our entire price menu. We offer all sizes of Wall Art, small desk prints and beautiful custom albums. You may even decide to do a hand painted canvas of your child or children to grace the walls of your home.

How do we select our images?

As with all of our sessions, you will come back into the studio to select your portraits with a personalized order appointment. This is usually 7-10 days after your session. At this time, you will see all the images we created, select your favorites and choose what size and what products fit your needs the best.


Email me at and we will reach out to set up your appointment or call 210-497-3809 and talk to Elizabeth, Trey or Brooke

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Fall Portrait Opportunities at Artistic Images {San Antonio Photographer}

 Fall is always our busiest season, and this year is no exception.

What can you do to ensure you get a session on my calendar?

It's simple.....Book EARLY!

Below are the special events we have going on this Fall 2023. Remember, we can book you a custom session at any time/date during the year, so if one of these don't work with your schedule or fit your needs, reach out and we will schedule a brainstorming consultation to come up with something AWESOME!

First up is our 
FALL FLING on Sunday, October 22nd!
45 minute sessions in our Portrait Gardens at the Studio.

Friday, July 21, 2023

The SANTA Experience 2023 is Ready for Booking!

 2023 marks our 29th year creating timeless portraits of children with Santa Claus!

Each and every year, we come up with TWO new backgrounds, settings and concepts for our Santa Experience and this year is no different.

These are LIMITED EDITION Sessions
*30 Minute Sessions
*Session is $125
*Minimum Purchase of $400
*Pay Session Fee + Minimum Purchase to Reserve your Session


Join Santa Claus in this super cute red and white kitchen scene complete with flour, cookies, sprinkles, milk and candy canes! This fun session will come with aprons and chef hats provided for a portion of your session. Your kids will be talking about this all season long.

  • This is best for kids that are not afraid of Santa (ages 18 months-2.5 years could be a challenge)
  • Maximum of 5 people in the scene

What to wear? 
Anything from PJ's to sweaters are appropriate here. Red, White and Green are ideal.
Love what the model has on? 
Here are the links from Amazon:

Christmas Tree Dress


Join Santa Claus in this beautiful Old World setting that looks like a page out of a Dickens Classic. Dress your children in their stunning Christmas Formal wear or go casual with some classic pajamas. Either way, this set is full of storytelling opportunities for you and your children to enjoy.

  • This set is great for all ages
  • Maximum of 6 people in the scene
What to wear?
I love the Formal look for this setting. Reds, Greens, Creams and Golds would look amazing with the colors in the scene. However, you can never go wrong with some classic Christmas PJ's.
Love what the model is wearing?
Below are the Amazon links: 
Green Lace & Tulle Dress

Cream Lace & Tulle Dress

Red Sweater Dress

Friday, May 19, 2023

Capture Memories in Stunning Destinations with Destination Portraits

Are you craving a unique and unforgettable photography experience that transcends traditional portraits? Look no further than Destination Portraits, an increasingly popular trend that allows you to combine breathtaking locations with professional photography to create extraordinary memories. At Artistic Images, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to embark on a journey of a lifetime through our destination portrait sessions.

Discover the World Through Destination Portraits:

Destination Portraits have been gaining immense popularity, and we've been receiving a surge of requests to capture incredible moments in awe-inspiring locations. The allure of exploring new places while creating stunning portraits has captured the hearts of many, and we're here to make your dream a reality.

Exciting Destinations on Our Calendar:

Summer 2023 presents a fantastic opportunity to embark on a destination portrait experience. We currently have availability for early June, early July, late July, and early August, giving you the freedom to choose the destination that speaks to your heart. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce that Christmas break is also open for booking.

Here's a sneak peek at the destinations already scheduled for the upcoming year:

1. Las Vegas: June 17-18, 2023

2. Zion National Park: June 20-24, 2023

3. Amalfi Coast/Rome: September 17-28, 2023

Mark Your Calendars for 2024:

Looking ahead, we have some incredible destinations lined up for 2024. These are perfect opportunities to plan your dream getaway and have your stunning portraits taken at the same time. Here are the destinations already on our calendar:

1. Cabo San Lucas: February 27 - March 1, 2024

2. Northern Italy (Lake Como, Verona, Venice): June 19-28, 2024

3. Croatia: Early August 2024

Exciting Possibilities on the Horizon:

We're constantly exploring new destinations to provide you with even more opportunities to create extraordinary memories. While still in the discussion phase, we're considering the following enchanting locations:

1. Paris

2. Thailand

3. Costa Rica

4. Switzerland

5. Hawaii

6. Destin, Florida

Take the First Step Today:

If any of the destinations listed above pique your interest, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. The earlier you connect with us, the more time we have to plan and curate a truly remarkable destination portrait experience tailored to your desires.

At Artistic Images, we believe that every journey should be cherished and celebrated. With our Destination Portraits, you'll not only capture stunning images but also create lasting memories in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Don't miss this opportunity to blend your love for travel and photography. Contact us today, and let's start planning an extraordinary adventure together.

Enjoy a sampling of previous Destination Portraits below: