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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Easter Portraits on the Porch {San Antonio Children's Photographer}

Easter Portraits on the Porch
Coming Soon....Saturday, March 21st ONLY
Our beautiful, recently renovated Victorian Porch is the setting for this classic 
Springtime Portrait Session.
We will have multiple LIVE bunnies and maybe a few other "live" surprises too!
Your child(ren) will have portraits made with and without our adorable bunnies in their casual or dressy Easter outfits. These portraits make beautiful Wall Portraits, Easter cards, Grandparent Gifts or a great addition to your Collection of Portraits by Elizabeth.

Session fee is $50
Minimum purchase of $150
A La Carte and Packages Available 
(Print and Digital options)

Appointments are limited,
 so give us a call today to ensure that YOUR child has the chance to take their portrait
 holding an adorable bunny!
EMAIL us HERE for information and availability

Friday, February 13, 2015

Congratulations to Elizabeth {Award Winning San Antonio Photographer}

At the most recent Professional Photographers
of America’s National Convention, Elizabeth received 
several very high honors. These are not easy to achieve
and we wanted to let you know what these incredible
accomplishments mean.

This is the 2nd consecutive year that Elizabeth 
has qualified for “Elite” status. Out of 27,000 
members, they selected only 27 Elite members.
The Elite Status is given for continued photographic 
excellence, image competition and education.

SILVER Photographer of the Year
This award is based solely on the images entered
into the International Print Competition. A member
is allowed four entries and when all of those are 
selected into the General Exhibit, they become
Photographer of the Year. The SILVER portion is
awarded because ONE image was selected for the

This diamond medallion is awarded after the
member has had 13 Images selected into the 
This is a very rare accomplishment and is 
much sought after.

Congratulations to Elizabeth!
Here are the images that allowed Elizabeth to receive her Silver Photographer of the Year Award:


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Extreme Portraits {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

We are excited to announce our newest endeavor:
These amazing images are a merge of dramatic lighting and state of the art digital technology. The result is an image that is truly an Art Piece of your little athlete or superhero.

All you moms of BOYS out were been left out during our FROZEN event and we just can't have that!
As a mom of 3 boys, I totally understand the desire for something REALLY COOL for boys. My boys have these EXTREME PORTRAITS printed on Metal on display in their room and they LOVE to show all of their friends just how cool they look.

But what if you have a GIRL who is totally into Sports or Superheros? No problem, this is something that will work for boys or girls.

What can you do?

ANY Sport: Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse....if they play it, we can photograph it! Is lego building a sport? SURE it is! Bring it on! What about Playing the Xbox? My son Jackson believes it is a sport, so WHY NOT? Bring your own uniform or sports outfit along with any sporting equipment that goes along with it (ie: ball, bat, hockey stick, etc)

ANY Superhero: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America....Any Superhero will do. You provide the costume and we will provide the amazing background that brings your little Superhero to life!

So here is the scoop: Your session is 20 minutes long and is photographed with ONE CHILD only. If you have more than one child, book back-to-back sessions and we can even do a few images together if you would like. Session Fee $50
There is a $150 minimum purchase that is due on the day of booking (along with your session fee).
We have some super cool packages JUST for this that all include AMAZING METAL PRINTS! Metal is really the BEST way to display images like this, they will just POP off the page!

Because of the difficulty in creating a product such as this, choices will be fewer than normal but every image will be an  EPIC MASTERPIECE!

This Special Event is happening the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH. Any weekday is available (Tuesday-Friday) and as of right now, there are some spring break openings. We will have after school times, but those will disappear fast, so don't wait to book!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What does your Business Headshot say about you? {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

The other day, I happened to see an ad for a business professional and was surprised to see his business headshot.

It was awful.
It looked like it could have been taken with an iPhone.
The lighting was bad. The quality was poor. There was no "enhancing" done to the image.
Overall, the image was not much better than a "selfie" that you might see on Instagram or Facebook.

I started wondering WHY? Why would someone who is in business (no matter what business) make the decision to have their image be portrayed in such poor light? I mean, we all learned in Marketing 101 that the first impression is the most important impression, right? So the first impression he has made on me is one of lack of quality, attention to detail and genuine lack of care for his professional "image".

Whether you choose ME to do your professional headshots, or you choose some other professional, PLEASE do yourself a favor: Get a Professional Business portrait taken.

We have a Business Portrait Package that includes:
A 15-20 minute portrait session.
1-2 outfits
15-20 Images to Select From
Stay after your session to immediately select your image(s).
Receive a full resolution file (big enough for a billboard), in color and in black and white, and a low resolution file of the same image for web use.
All images are fully retouched so that you look your best.
All of this for only $350

If you work in an office where there are several professionals needing to update their portraits, ask for our multi-person business portrait discount.

As you can see from the samples below, we can do anything from Traditional to Contemporary and everything in between. We can even go on location to the place of your choice, should that be of interest to you.  Whatever your style, whatever your line of work, we can capture you in the perfect light.

Let's start of 2015 with a NEW professional portrait!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fine Art Black and White Prints {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

In this digital world of instant gratification, over-night shipping and iPhone photos being posted every nano-second on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, isn't it nice to know that there are still things done the old-fashioned way?
At Artistic Images, we pride ourselves in our Printed Work. In fact, we consider ourselves "Master Printmakers".
Can we sell a digital file?
Could we burn you a CD?
Absolutely we could. But that is not what we do.

We make Portraits.
Large or small, color or black and white.
It doesn't really matter.
We make printed portraits and albums that will be cherished for a LIFETIME.

These are the portraits that your grandchildren's grandchildren will find and adore when you are no longer on this earth.

This is leaving a Legacy.

When you hire Artistic Images to capture your family, child, wedding or senior portrait, you can rest assured that these printed pieces will stand the test of time.
I can not guarantee that in 10 years a cd will be able to be played on a computer, or that the images would even be there for you to retrieve. But I can guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship (portraits, prints and albums) for a lifetime.

This year we are re-introducing our line of Signature Fine Art Black and White portraits. We strayed away from creating these masterpieces because of the level of care and difficulty required when producing a product line like this. Well, they are back and better than ever.

We are excited to add this style back into our repertoire.

During the months of January and February, we are having a sale on our Black and White sessions.
Feel free to call and ask questions.

ONE DAY SALE {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

For the first time EVER,
Artistic Images is having a 
on all Lifestyle Portrait Sessions!
 Don't call today, tomorrow or next Friday.
The day is
If you have questions feel free to call, but be sure to read the small print because there are a few things it will not be good for.
Here is the DEAL:
 We are GIVING you a $250 credit towards your order for 
PRE-paying for a Lifestyle session (done prior to October 31, 2015).
This will be good on any location session INCLUDING the Texas beach sessions (dates still to be decided) as well as any studio portrait session.

You do not have to BOOK your PORTRAIT session on February 5th,
you just have to BUY your session.
Your portrait can be done anytime from February through October 31, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Wedding of Haylee and Ryan {San Antonio Wedding Photographer}

On November 8, 2014, I had the pleasure of photographing Haylee and Ryan's wedding.
It was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY. No kidding. 75 degrees, sunny with no wind. Simply Beautiful.

This is the kind of day that brides DREAM of.

This is the kind of day that WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS DREAM OF!!!

Not only was this a gorgeous day outside, the Bride and Groom were stunning as well. Not just stunning, but IN LOVE.

Patient. Kind. Fun. Full of Joy. And Peaceful.

Some of those qualities elude brides and grooms on their wedding day. Not these two. They were perfect.

The venue was the beautiful Grand Hall at the Hofmann Ranch.

Here are a few images from our day with Haylee and Ryan...now Mr. and Mrs Brewer!

PS: Oh, I forgot to mention that I used to teach ballet to Haylee when she was 4 and 5 years old. Time sure does fly...it seems like yesterday!