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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Santa Experience 2016 {San Antonio Santa Portraits}

Artistic Images Presents....
The Santa Experience 2016
We are having two events with Santa this year. Here is an example of our set designs for both sets:

Snow Day with Santa
November 5th

Santa's Winter Lodge
November 12 & 13

What is The Santa Experience?
These sessions are 15-20 minute personal sessions with the REAL Santa Claus. No fake beards or bellies here! This is the real deal. Our sets have been custom designed for our studio and are beautiful and 3-dimensional. All props are included unless you would like to bring personal items to add a special touch to your portraits. 

What is the Cost?
We have a $50 session fee and a minimum order of $150.
Our Awesome Create Your Own Collection concept allows you to get only the things that YOU really want!

What type of products are available?
Our studio believes in creating beautiful products that you will be able to view and enjoy for decades to come. Some of our most popular items, besides the typical desk sized prints, are Wall Portraits, Albums, Greeting Cards and other unique items such as Storyboards and Metal prints. We pride ourselves in having the best quality imagery and product offerings available. When you see them in person, you will see the difference.

How do I make an appointment?
We are kind of old fashioned. We LOVE to talk to our clients and personally be able to answer all of their questions over the phone. In order to secure your appointment, call the studio Tuesday-Friday 9:30-5 (6 on Tuesday) at 210-497-3809 and be prepared to prepay your session fee and minimum order with a credit or debit card. Or, if you are like many others and you doing this while the kids are in bed at midnight, EMAIL us here and we will call the next business day!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why should you have a family portrait made? {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Why should you have a family portrait created?
The answer is simple.
We need portraits to capture a moment in time.
A moment that will NEVER come again.
Your kids will never be that age.
You will never be this young.
You can never get this moment back, but you CAN freeze time with a portrait that captures your family.

I have family portraits all over my house, and while some may think that is "vain" or "conceited", I believe that having these portraits is the best ARTWORK in the world. Instead of having a piece of art I bought at an art gallery, I have God's best work on my walls...my children.

In fact, there is a blog post you can read HERE that talks about how Family Portraits can Boost your child's Self Esteem.

There are many types of Family Portraits that can be created at many different locations. From close up to panoramic and everything in between, take a look below to see what style of portraiture fits your family.

 IN-STUDIO Portraits:

 Our Outdoor Portrait Garden:

 Other Locations in the San Antonio Area
Sunken Gardens
McNay Art Museum
McNay Art Museum

Mission San Jose
Mission Concepcion
Guadalupe River

Guadalupe River

Enchanted Rock
 In YOUR Home

 Beach Destinations in Texas

 Destination Portraits

New York City

New York City

Oahu, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Destin, Florida

Cinque Terre, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Paris, France

Paris, France

So, as you can see, portraits can be made anywhere and can truly be a piece of Art that you would proudly display in your home. Hopefully, this will help you put a Family Portrait on your list of things to do this year!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 Christmas Events Announced! {San Antonio Santa Portraits}

Here it is!
Our 2016 Christmas Portrait Events!

Snow Day with Santa
Grab your winter coats, sweaters and scarves!
Santa needs help building this family of snowmen and you are perfect for the job! It may be warm in the Texas weather, but it is snowing at Artistic Images on Saturday November 5th.
This is a ONE DAY ONLY event.
Book early.

Santa's Winter Lodge
It is cozy and warm in Santa's winter lodge. We have all you need to make this rustic living room come alive with the Magic of Christmas, but feel free to add some personal touches with your own stockings or a favorite book. This looks great with those flannel plaid shirts and jeans or a comfy pair of Christmas pajamas.
This is a TWO-DAY event that will sell out.
Book Early.
 Both of the Santa Events are priced the same:
$50 session fee
$150 minimum purchase
Create Your Own Collection with many Product Offerings.

A Formal Affair
This a wonderful chance to dress up in those fancy Christmas Party outfits and capture a family portrait to cherish for years to come. And just think how impressed your friends will be when they receive a beautiful Christmas Card with you all dressed to take on the world! We have been collecting some cool new chairs and couches and so we will have a variety of colors and styles to fit your style.

 We are currently hard at work creating Christmas cards that will be BRAND NEW to match our settings for this year, as well as some beautiful products for you to enjoy at home.

Take a look at more images from each scene by watching this sneak peek video:


Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 Fall Family Events {San Antonio Family Portrait Specialist}

October is the beginning of our busiest season.

Between October and December, I will photograph over 50 family portrait sessions! Since there are only 12 weekends during those two months, it is impossible for me to photograph every family on a weekend, right??

Every year we run a Fall Family Day Special Event at a chosen location. The session last 45-60 minutes and is always a favorite option for those wanting to update that family portrait over their fireplace or create fabulous Christmas Cards...or both!

These sessions are on a Saturday in October and ALWAYS SELL OUT! So book ASAP if you think this is perfect for your family. Oh, and by the way, Saturday sessions are usually a $450 session fee. This event is specially priced at $100 session fee and a $200 minimum portrait order.
I KNOW....it's almost unbelievable!

So now you know why these ALWAYS SELL OUT!

So here they are....the DATES and LOCATIONS for this year's FALL FAMILY PORTRAITS:

These dates or locations don't work for you? Then call us asap to snag a family portrait at your location of choice....but hurry...dates are going fast!

Click HERE for clothing ideas for your family portrait session!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

September Family Portrait SALE

During the month of September 
are on sale for 50% off!

This means all STUDIO SESSIONS
*except destination sessions

Missions, Botanical Gardens, Guadalupe River, Cordillera Ranch, Sunken Gardens, Your Home.
Yep...all included.
If it is 30 minutes or less drive from the studio, it is included in the sale.

Call today to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Secret Door Excursion {San Antonio Boudoir Photography}

We have an exciting new excursion to share with you.

We will be having our first ever "Secret Door Excursion" coming up on September 13&14.

We will be renting a beautifully appointed hotel room in the town of Gruene complete with a RED claw foot bathtub. The hour long portrait session will be done in the room (and RED bathtub too). Included in the package is an hour hair and makeup session with one of Texas' most incredible makeup artists.

Your package would not be complete without a beautifully printed, custom 16 page album. All images will be chosen by you and completely retouched and tastefully enhanced by our artist.

This is the deal. We only have 6 spots. But, we must fill ALL 6 spots for this to be a GO.

So, grab your BFF and book back to back sessions so you can go shop and enjoy the town of Gruene after your session. This will make you FEEL fabulous, and that special someone will ADORE this gift from you.

Call for booking information: 210-497-3809

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SPACE DAYS {Star Wars Inspired Portraits}

Artistic Images Star Wars Inspired Portraits
September 23 & 24

Sessions for children, teens and adults