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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fiesta Queen La Reina Linda {San Antonio Photographer}

In honor of the first day of Fiesta, I thought I would share with you some of the portraits I created of this year's Fiesta Queen, La Reina Linda, Christina Martinez.

I have known this beautiful lady for decades and have had the privilege of photographing her for all the milestones in her adult life. Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn and countless Family Portraits. This girl is married to an equally awesome guy named Tomas. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, philanthropists and parents.

We were blessed with a beautiful day in San Antonio at the iconic Alamo.

Thank you Christina for always trusting me as your photographer.

2017 Summer Portrait Special Events {San Antonio Photographer}

Summer is just around the corner. The kids are out of school, schedules are less hectic and family vacations are taken. This summer, take a look at our SUMMER SPECIAL EVENTS and book the one that is perfect for your kids. Instead of paying full price for a regular session, consider one of these Themed Mini Sessions for a great savings!
Our PUPPY LOVE sessions can be captured at any one of our many settings (inside or outside)
at our studio. We will chat with you over the phone about the
perfect setting for you and your furry friend.

Our Summer Fairytale sessions are just that...things that fairytales are made of. We have the wings and a few precious outfits. Or bring your own outfit and just use our wings. We will create a magical experience for your little fairy princess that is worthy of Wall Art.

I have boys. I get it. There are so many cute portrait settings for girls,
but what can we do with boys??
We have done this before and have always had a blast!
Our Mud Pit awaits your kids!!

8th Grade Graduation Special {San Antonio Photographer}

 We have SO MANY requests to photograph this MILESTONE in our client's lives!!
Because of that, we are so excited to offer this Specially Priced Event just for those 
graduating from 8th grade.

How Much Is it?
Our session fee is only $60 with a minimum purchase of $150

What can I do?
We have 2.5 acres at our studio to photograph outdoors with fabulous settings like our POND, OLD TRUCK, CABIN and SWING. Or we could do something fun and creative inside our studio, such as our very popular VR Extreme Sports Portraits.
It's your choice!

How do I schedule?
Call us at 210-497-3809
and we will set up a consultation to discuss the Perfect Portrait for YOU!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Destiny and Kendra Graduate from Texas State University! {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

I was so excited to see these 2 sisters when they scheduled their design consultation for their College Senior Portraits. I had the pleasure of photographing them when they graduated from high school (which seemed like a minute ago) and now here they are, graduating from College! How does that happen so quickly?

These girls are actually a year apart in age, but will both be graduating from college in 2017. What better option than to take their portraits together on the campus of Texas State University.

These two young ladies are the best of friends, roommates, each others fashion advisors and they even work for the same company. You can see their mutual love for each other in their portraits.

While I enjoy every session I have the opportunity to photograph, this one was particularly fun for me as the girls were so stinkin' photogenic and just completely full of joy.

Congratulations Destiny and Kendra!! Can't wait to see where life takes you!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NEW YORK CITY here we come!! {San Antonio Destination Photographer}

Destination: New York City
May 26-30, 2017
Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, 
Times Square, Broadway....the list goes on and on!

Session Fee: $650
Minimum Order: $2000

Call us to begin the process of creating the PERFECT portrait session in New York City
with a Complimentary Portrait Design Consultation.

Senior Portrait SALE {San Antonio Senior Photographer}


And so is our Spring Senior Sale!
Our last SALE for the class of 2017 is in full swing and will last until April 28th.

We only have a COUPLE of after school appointments open, so don't wait!

Check out some images below
and then visit our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Monday, March 20, 2017

All New Beautiful Spring Portrait Events {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

We are so excited to bring you some All New Portrait Events this Spring!
Our first event during May is

All Sessions will be held in the Portrait Garden of Artistic Images. A complimentary design consultation will be done prior to the session to allow me to create exactly what you were wishing for. We will discuss clothing ideas, specific locations desired and answer any questions you may have. We want to make certain that you are 100% happy with your experience from start to finish!

45 minute Session...$125
Minimum Purchase...$250
(The normal session fee for a session on a Saturday is $450, making this a savings of $325!)


This Very Special Event is a tribute to my Mother, Penny, whom we lost last year.
If you haven't had a portrait made with your mother, this is the time. No matter what age you are, don't wait another moment. Trust me on this.
This session is for any MOM, any AGE, boys or girls, multi-generation...whatever your story, you are welcome to join us.  *This is not for full families (sorry Dad's).

You will have the choice of two settings. One is a little more "girly" and the other more rustic, perfect for the boys. Below you will find a sample of the "girly" set. The other set will be shown soon.

What to wear?
Simple, Solid colors or subtle patterns work well. My suggestion for the "girly" side is white, pink, light grey, off-white, khaki, soft pastels. We will have some floral crowns available to wear if you wish to use them.  For the boyish side, jeans as a base and neutral tones such as navy, soft blue, khaki, grey, soft green, brown tones.

After the session:
We will have a sweet area set up where you and your family can enjoy tea and cookies on the front lawn. Take your time, take some selfies, enjoy the day. Each Mom will take home a special gift in celebration of Mother's Day!

Here is the set design for the "Girly" set. There will be other seating options as well as the swing.

My inspiration board for these portraits.
Imagine Scene One: Pinks and Vintage white with the flower swing and cream colored furniture for variety.
Imagine Scene Two: Joanna Gaines (from Fixer Upper) decorated our rustic porch with gardening supplies and her fabulous style.

Call us at 210-497-3809
Email us HERE

We can't wait to create some beautiful ART for you!

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Wizarding World {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

A couple of months ago, I decided to create a portrait of my 13 year old son that really depicted what he absolutely LOVED at age 13....all things Harry Potter!

He has read ALL the books (several times), seen ALL the movies many, many times AND even been to the London studio where many of the movie scenes were filmed. Let's just say he is slightly obsessed.

Seeing that I have never watched a full movie and never read a page in the book, I relied on him to help me set the scene for his themed portrait session. Thanks to my friend Google, I drew inspiration from the movie posters and stills from the movie scenes and we created A Wizarding World!

Now Jackson is not a huge fan of being my model, but for this session he was ALL IN. We had a blast creating these images, capturing flying books, and he loved putting spells on me. Of course.

Everyone we have shown these to has RAVED about the images and wished they had ones just like them. So....we have decided to create an event just for all the Harry Potter fans out there.

These sessions are 20 minutes in length and designed especially for kids and young adults.
While the set is designed with one person in mind, we are able to fit up to 3 people at the most.
Robes and Ties will be provided, in addition to Books and Wands. 
Have your own outfit, wand or HP stuff? Great! You may totally use your own things!

The session fee is $50
Minimum order of $150
We have a Create your own Collection system, allowing you to purchase whatever fits your needs.
Our products include small prints, wall portraits, albums and digital file collections and much, much more! In order to book your session, simply call our studio and we will be happy to let you know the availability.