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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portrait Session Gone Wrong!

I tend to brag on my children about how awesome they are whenever I get the chance, right?  Well this time I wanted to make all you parents who have had uncooperative children during a portrait session feel a little bit better. I had my sweet little angels come over for our "Take me out to the Ballgame" session since this was their first year in T-ball.  While they were here, I did some portraits of my littlest son, Joshua, for his 5th birthday swim party as well.  Can you say SPOILED????  They think just because they come to Mommy's studio to take photos that they automatically get to go to the treasure chest??? Guess again!  They think that just because they have seen Rebecca's comic relief routine many times that they can now roll their eyes at her????  Think again!!!
Needless to say, sweat was not the only thing coming out of my pores!  This has not been the first time they have acted up but it has started to escalate into this contest of "lets see who can make Mommy the maddest?"  Let's suffice to say that I got great images (no thanks to them) and I got some fabulous outtakes that I should now share with the world.  One day they may hate me but for now I am just wanting to let everyone have a good laugh!  Now never say "I'm sorry my kids were so bad" to me.  We are all in this for one capture our children the way they truly are so we can remember the stories later, when we are old and grey. 

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