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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The wedding of Suzanne and Ryan {San Antonio and Destination Wedding Photographer}

One of the highlights of my career was receiving a phone call from a fellow photographer that I have known for years, asking if I was available to photograph his daughter's wedding in July 2011. This is not your average photographer. He is a Master Photographic Craftsman, director of the Texas School of Professional Photography and the current President of the Professional Photographers of America! What an honor, to be chosen out of 20,000 professional photographers to photograph his only daughter's wedding.
Once the initial shock wore off and the idea of this task became real, the pressure started to mount. The wedding day approached quickly and it was time to create some amazing images. With the help of my husband Trey and the awesome skills of Chris Hanoch (Don's right hand man at his studio) we created an amazing set of images of this gorgeous bride and groom.
Everything could not have been more perfect (except for the minor infractions of parking in a no parking zone, jaywalking and having alcoholic beverages in a park where they are banned) including going away in a helicopter!

Congratulations to Suzanne and Ryan!
And thank you Don and Charlcey Dickson for trusting me to photograph this beautiful wedding!

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