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Monday, October 26, 2015

Finding My Focus...A Week in Yellowstone National Park {San Antonio Photographer}

About a month ago I attended a wonderful landscape photography workshop in Yellowstone National Park, led by my friends Cris and Deanna Duncan of Lubbock, Texas.
I have been "meaning" to go to this workshop for the past few years, always finding a reason why I couldn't go. Afterall, this was "JUST for ME" and I never make time to do that. While this workshop was still photography related, never do I get the chance to just photograph for myself.

 I know you are thinking "Wouldn't you rather go to a spa or wine tasting? Something NOT related to your work?" The answer is no. I LOVE my job. I am so fortunate to do what I love every single day. Now sometimes, I do admit that I get a little burned out working with people, dealing with their drama (God knows I have enough of my own) and working to please everyone. But that is very rare and usually only occurs when I am so busy that I haven't had a day off in weeks (PS: I am NOT talking about YOU).

So, where was I?

Oh, yes, I was looking forward to a week of being alone. A week of pointing my camera at whatever I wanted to. A week of not pleasing anyone but me. And...wait for it....a week of waking up at 4:30am??? What???

Yep. Every morning. And there was hiking. Lots of hiking. With camera gear in a backpack. And a tripod (doubling as a walking stick). And some of this hiking was not Fat*ss friendly (this is actually a book that rates the hikes as fat*ss friendly or not). And it was cold, rainy at at times, snowy.

And let's not forget about the Bison,Wolf, Bear, Elk and birds we saw. A little too close for comfort at times.

But it was wonderful! A fabulous experience that I hope to do again! are some of the images that I created while I was in Yellowstone. I hope you enjoy.

If you ever want to go and experience a fabulous adventure, here is the link:
Be forewarned....Start training now....

Here I am, photographing in Yellowstone

Thanks to my friends Belinda and Randy for joining me in an impromptu portrait session on the cliff in the middle of the MOST difficult hike of the whole trip. It is amazing I am alive to tell about it. Here, I am smiling. That is because I hadn't realized that I had to go UP the mountain for 2 miles yet.

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