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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Destiny and Kendra Graduate from Texas State University! {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

I was so excited to see these 2 sisters when they scheduled their design consultation for their College Senior Portraits. I had the pleasure of photographing them when they graduated from high school (which seemed like a minute ago) and now here they are, graduating from College! How does that happen so quickly?

These girls are actually a year apart in age, but will both be graduating from college in 2017. What better option than to take their portraits together on the campus of Texas State University.

These two young ladies are the best of friends, roommates, each others fashion advisors and they even work for the same company. You can see their mutual love for each other in their portraits.

While I enjoy every session I have the opportunity to photograph, this one was particularly fun for me as the girls were so stinkin' photogenic and just completely full of joy.

Congratulations Destiny and Kendra!! Can't wait to see where life takes you!

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