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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas...DAY 8

On the 8th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

I am happy to announce that I will be having my
"How to take better photos of your kids"
Photography Class
once again.

Photography 101 is for those who did not attend last year.
This class will give you some basic pointers on how you can take
better snapshots of your family outings, vacations, birthday parties, etc.

Photography 102 is going to go more in detail about what makes good
lighting, composition and exposure. Now you can take your vacation photos
and turn them into something WAY better than a snapshot. You can only take this class if you have taken 101.

**These classes are not for professionals, aspiring professionals or anyone who already has really good knowledge about photography**

If you are a professional, my husband and I teach at the Texas School of Professional Photography. Registration opens for our class January 3 at 11pm.
Register at 11pm or you might not get in.

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