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Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Destination Portraits {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Here they are...the 2012 Destination Portrait Dates!
How do these work?
These are the dates that have either already been booked by clients
they are dates that my family and I are already planning on traveling to.
Anyone can book a Destination Session at the above dates/locations
for a $650 Session fee
and a
$2000 Minimum purchase.
Provided that I have at least TWO sessions at one destination,
all of my travel expenses will NOT be added to the fees.
IF, you are the only person to book a location, my airfare and accomodations
will be an added expense for you.

All of the above destinations (except New York City) have at least
ONE session already booked (as of today)!
So, it looks like you will NOT have to pay my expenses!
(Woohoo for you!)

**What can I get for $2000?**
Most people really want a wall portrait and fall in love with so many of the images that
 they want an album of all of their favorite images!!
Portraits start at $675 and albums start at $1600.

We ALSO have the most Amazing
*Complete Destination Package*
A FULL day photographing your family as you explore your vacation destination!
Included in this package:
*Multiple Portrait Locations
*A 50 pg Art Book
*Up to a 40" Masterpiece or Gallery Wrap
*100 Custom Greeting Cards
(when you want to show off your vacation in your Christmas Cards)

Want the beach but don't want to commit to the $$ involved in a Destination Session?
North Padre Island Sessions
are over 50% off!
Only a $200 Session fee
and an
$800 Minimum purchase

Currently, We are still available for a SPRING BREAK Destination Session.

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