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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

6 Tips to Booking your Fall Portraits with Artistic Images

Fall is the Season for Family Portraits

Cooler temperatures make for more pleasant outdoor portrait session because none of us want to be a sweaty mess in our family photos. However, I am only ONE person and can only accommodate so many sessions during the month of November (our busiest month every year).

Here are my tips for you during this 2020 Fall Portrait Season:

1. BOOK IN ADVANCE: Whether you want your session in September, October, November or even December. Book it NOW. Times will fill up and you don't want to miss out.

2. BOOK EARLY: This year we have an added stressor...COVID-19. We don't know what will happen as the weather gets colder. Book your session in August or September at the cooler times (Sunrise is best, Sunset is 2nd best) and check "family portrait" off your to-do list before any of your friends even start thinking about it.

3. LOOK AT OUR PORTRAIT EVENTS: We have several every fall at different locations, so check out the options at the bottom of this post and save yourself a little bit of money on your session fee. 

4. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Our Luxe Collection is growing in popularity and is a fabulous addition to your wall decor. Dress up in formals and tuxes and WOW everyone with your sophistication and style. These portraits are created INDOORS and are perfect no matter what the weather is doing.

5. HAVE YOUR  PORTRAITS DONE AT HOME: Where have you been spending all of your time this year? What a great memory of this year, to capture your family at home. Either inside or outside...or both!

6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Your Ranch, the Lake, with your Airplane or your Favorite Car, hiking at Enchanted Rock or in the Vineyards of Fredericksburg... I love to do things differently and would embrace your ideas!

Let's meet up for a consultation...I am happy to do them in-person or virtually....and discuss the possibilities!   210-497-3809 or email me here.

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