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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Look where we are headed in 2018! {San Antonio Destination Photographer}

2018 is looking like it will be a HUGE travel year for us!

Check out the incredible places we are going and decide which one is best for YOUR family.
Keep scrolling after the images to see the details of doing a Destination Portrait Session.

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How Does This Work?
It all starts with YOU reaching out to US about a potential location.
We must have 2-3 families committed to going to the same general location 
for us to waive our travel fees. If not, then simply pay our travel expenses and we will go anywhere in the world with you!

How much will our investment be?
Our Destination Session Fee is $650 and that generally covers several locations within the same destination at a sunrise or sunset time frame.
In addition, there is a minimum portrait order of $2500 worth of printed products.
First half due upon booking the session. 2nd half due 30 days prior to travel.

When do we book these sessions?
As soon as you know you want to do a session at a destination, give us a call. These sessions sometime don't happen because we need another participant to make it go, so the sooner we can start sharing this adventure with the world, the better chance we have of it becoming a reality.

What if I have never been there before?
Quite possibly, I have not been there yet. I am pretty good thinking on my feet, but I will do research ahead of time (thank you Google Earth) and get to the location at least a day ahead of the session so I can see it for my own two eyes.

If you are interested in going on our Inspirational Photography Workshop in Ireland, it will be happening immediately following our portrait excursion above. June 16-24. It will be amazing.
No, you don't have to a professional.
You might want to have a real camera to capture the beauty of Ireland though.
If you are interested in this workshop, hop on over to our Inspired Workshops page and check out the details. INSPIRED WORKSHOPS

Have more questions?  Email me Here

MERRY & BRIGHT {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Check out our Rose Gold, Gold and Winter White Christmas Setting for
Merry & Bright!
This Collector's Series Event is happening on Saturday December 2
and is the perfect timing to still get your Christmas Cards out to everyone.
Bring the whole family or just the kids for this modern take on Christmas.

Book your 20 minute session by calling
Sign up ONLINE
by clicking HERE.

A Gift Of Love {September Secret Door Session Sale}

Ladies, let's get real.
We are not perfect. As we age, things sag, lines appear and we are not all that enamored with the way we look in the mirror. We see ourselves with an extremely critical eye, scrutinizing every vein and laugh line we see. Well STOP it!
You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are! 
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to allow yourself the luxury of having a Secret Door session. I promise, you will LOVE the experience and LOVE the results.

Since September is my birthday month, I want to do MORE SECRET DOOR sessions!!
I LOVE doing these and cannot wait to photograph YOU!
I have cut the price to only $99 (reg $250) during the month of September.
Add a makeup artist for only $150.

Call now to make a personal consultation with me so we can discuss the possibilities.
This session is whatever you make it but it starts with you making the call.


xoxo, Elizabeth

Salvaging Photographs the became wet during the Floods

Save those precious memories!

A friend of mine is busy helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey with their wet photographs and I thought I would share. If you know of anyone that needs help with their priceless family photographs please send them here.

Do NOT pull dried photographs that became wet out of their albums or apart from the thing they are stuck on. This will destroy the images.

If you follow the link, you will see the process of restoring them so they can be seen in the future. Anyone can do it.

In Honor of Mister Cheeks

We would like to introduce you to a young man named Alan, also known as Mister Cheeks because of his face-busting smile. Alan’s interests are the same as many of our children’s. A passion for monochromatic animals like zebras and penguins; Sponge Bob Square Pants; Chuck E. Cheese games, pizza and tickets; Krispy Kreme; Morgan’s Wonderland; letters and numbers; super heroes: star wars; rocket launches; soccer and pandas……we cannot forget about the pandas! Alan had a gift for numbers and loved learning about them. Reading and counting numbers, typing numbers, adding numbers and of course saying his parent’s age.

When Alan was only about a year old he was diagnosed with a sarcoma tumor in his hip. He spent four long years fighting this unwelcomed visitor. It was at this time that Alan and his family learned how prolific childhood cancers were, yet how little funding is actually available (less than 4% of federal grants). They learned that child cancers are very
different from adult cancers. Furthermore, evenkids who survive will ultimately face many long term side effects, secondary cancers, and relapse as they grow.

The family found answers to their questions from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. St. Baldricks
is the largest private funder of childhood cancer research in the United States, if not the world. Unfortunately Alan lost his fight with sarcoma
just two months after this portrait was made.

We would like to honor Alan and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation by helping to raise
money for cancer research. Alan loved numbers, so the goal is to raise $12,345.67 by his birthday on November 7th. For the month of October clients will have the opportunity to purchase social media files of any image from any current or past session for $10 each. Then in honor of Mister Cheeks birthday on November 7th we will donate the money raised to the St. Baldricks Hero Fund established in his memory. So give us a call, heck, we are not even going to wait until October……September is Child Cancer Awareness month!

In Alan’s own words the “FIGHT’S ON!” Learn more about Mister Cheeks at WWW.STBALDRICKS.ORG/HERO-FUNDS/MISTERCHEEKS