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Monday, October 8, 2018

Family Portrait Clothing Ideas for 2018

Family Portraits can be a challenge....I get it.
Coordinating your family to get together in one location on a specific day with happy attitudes is a task that can seem overwhelming and maybe even...shall I say, IMPOSSIBLE?

There are many things that have to happen to make this Family Portrait possible and I am here to help take the stress off of you wherever I can.

So here are a TON of examples of Family Portrait Clothing Ideas. I hope this gives you a great place to start. Also, I have listed a few "rules" about clothing that may help you figure out what is best for you and your family.

1. Be sure you and your style are represented in your clothing. This includes the kids. If they would never wear a button down long sleeve shirt, consider another style of shirt.
2. Stick with 2-3 color tones throughout the family. Too many colors makes you look like confetti or Easter eggs and takes the focus away from the family.
3. Be careful with patterns. Subtle patterns are a wonderful addition, but bold patterns can really take the attention away from your faces.
4. Sleeves are always best. Unless you LOVE your arms, cover them up.
5. Be sure to dress head to toe. I will always photograph you full length, so please don't forget about your shoes (especially those light-up neon kids tennis shoes)
6. When deciding on your colors, consider the colors in the room where the final portrait will be hung. If you have all cool tones (greys and blues), wear cool tones. If you have all warm tones (golds, reds, burgundys), wear warm tones.

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