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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fall Family Events 2017 {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

We are excited to share with you our newest FALL LINEUP!
We have never had such an amazing SALE as we are having during September this year.

Book Your FAMILY Session during SEPTEMBER and
SCORE in SO many ways:

⭐You will SAVE a ton of money while purchasing 
CHRISTMAS GIFT PORTRAITS for your friends and family.

⭐You will have your CHRISTMAS CARDS addressed and ready while
others haven't even had theirs taken.

⭐You will have a STRESS-FREE Holiday Season by checking your 
yearly family portrait OFF your list before your list is a MILE long.

Why Wait? 

We are featuring a BRAND NEW LOCATION for this year's 
This is such a cool venue, but there are only certain times we are able to photograph there.
On the Weekends, because of weddings, we can only photograph early in the morning.
From the Moment the Sun Rises* we are able to start photographing, but we must be out by 10. 
That leaves us with time to only do 4-30 minute sessions each day. EARLY if you want one of these spots!
*The images below were taken at sunrise and immediately following

Every year, our Fall Portraits by the Guadalupe River are very popular.
This year we have ONE Saturday in November where we are able to have this Special Event:
November 11, 2017
These portraits make beautiful wall decor and especially gorgeous Mixed Media Paintings.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Business Portrait Friday 2017 Coming SOON! {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

The other day, I happened to see an ad for a business professional and was surprised to see his business headshot.

It was awful.
It looked like it could have been taken with an iPhone.
The lighting was bad. The quality was poor. There was no "enhancing" done to the image.
Overall, the image was not much better than a "selfie" that you might see on Instagram or Facebook.

I started wondering WHY? Why would someone who is in business (no matter what business) make the decision to have their image be portrayed in such poor light? I mean, we all learned in Marketing 101 that the first impression is the most important impression, right? So the first impression he has made on me is one of lack of quality, attention to detail and genuine lack of care for his professional "image".

Maybe your headshot does look great, it was SO great that you haven't updated it in over 5 years! There is another reason to have a new headshot taken. Trends change, styles change, you change. If you are wearing shoulder pads in your business suit, then it is time for a new photo (and a new suit...LOL).

Whether you choose ME to do your professional headshots, or you choose some other professional, PLEASE do yourself a favor: Get a Professional Business portrait taken.

We are having an AMAZING sale coming up on August 25th. It's called BUSINESS PORTRAIT FRIDAY.  Our professional headshots complete with session and digital file are on a major sale. Normally $350, you can get a high resolution file for only $150 or a low resolution file for $50. This quick 10 minute session includes ONE outfit, ONE background, SEVERAL poses to choose from and ONE file of your choice. Of course, you can always purchase more should you love several poses.

What is the difference between High res and Low res? 
        High resolution is good for printing purposes. Planning on creating a billboard or business cards or a brochure? This is the one for you. Of course, it also includes a copy for web use as well.

        Low resolution is good only for online use. Website, Facebook, Linked in, etc. Don't try to print them, they will look pixelated and blurry.

Here is our promo piece:

2018 SENIORS...Our Summer Sale is ON! {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

2018 Seniors:
This is your chance to get your senior portraits while you off for the Summer AND you will pay
HALF PRICE if you do them before September 1st!
It's true. 
Our three most popular sessions are on sale for 50% off from NOW until SEPTEMBER 1st.
Here are a few great reasons why you should do your portraits NOW 
instead of waiting until school starts:
1. You have the time to spare. 
Once school starts, there is band/football/cheer, etc practice. 
Not to mention homework, tests and projects.
2. You have your summer tan.
No explanation needed
3. You will have your portraits ready to go. 
There are many deadlines for yearbook, 
slideshows and other amazing publications that you are 
going to be in and those can totally sneak up on you.
4. Sessions are on SALE!!
Well, this just makes sense, doesn't it? Save your parents money on your 
session so they can buy you all of those social media files you want instead!

Scroll down for SAMPLES and the HOT COLORS for this year!

Here are some samples of what others have done for their Senior Portraits.

 Here are the HOT COLORS for the SUMMER and FALL of 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Family Portraits in New York City! {San Antonio Destination Photographer}

I mean really. What's not to love? 
Great Food! Great Entertainment! Great Exercise! 
And of course, the photo opportunities are ENDLESS!

In May, I got to visit again. 
This time we had a girls trip with just my sister and I. As usual for me, it was a working vacation, but we carved out some time to relax and take in the City.
While I was there, my good friends and fellow Master Photographers Jeff and Carolle Dachowski met up with us so I could create a new family portrait for them. My sister was the appropriately named "The Goddess of Light" that evening as I couldn't have created the portraits without her.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our quick session in New York City.