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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Portrait Clothing Ideas {San Antonio Family Photographer}

I put together some images that I felt showed
Fabulous Fall Clothing
Family Portraits.

In addition, I wanted to share a few
Helpful Hints:
*Stay Away from Big, Bold Patterns!
*Everyone should feel GREAT about their outfit!
*Dark or neutral shoes are best!
*Stay away from white or bright neon shoes!
* If you want to appear thinner, wear all one tone
(either all light or all dark or all neutral)
*Unless you LOVE your arms, wear sleeves.
*Red and Orange are extremely BOLD colors. If you wish to wear those
colors, GREAT, simply be sure it is represented throughout your family.
(if you are the ONLY one in RED, you will stand out like a sore thumb)
*Avoid tight fitting OR very baggy clothing as they do nothing to flatter the figure.
Here is a great piece I got from Pinterest to help put colors and clothing together.
Honestly, I don't know the originator of this great clothing guide, but it is brilliant!