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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Who's Ready to Travel Again? 2021 Portrait Destinations {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

 Who is ready to travel again???!

I don't know about you, but the lack of ability to travel and explore the world has really done a number on my mental health. As an artist, I feel a NEED to leave my home, my city, my country and see what this beautiful planet Earth has to offer in order to come back with inspiration and motivation. 

Travel Feeds my Creativity.

Travel keeps me Active.

Travel makes me Happy.

Cancelling all of my 2020 Travel plans...Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Boston and heck, even our plans to Padre Island a few hours away really hit me hard. I didn't really realize that I was quite as addicted to travel as I guess I am. Travel was yanked away from all of us...cold turkey!

Well, I am ready. Ready to plan our travel for the future and I hope some of you will want to join me. Nothing feeds my soul more than creating images in a brand new destination and I am ready to create some EPIC images!

Currently, we have nothing planned until May 2021. But that doesn't mean we can't add something anytime starting right now. If you want me to go to your Colorado Ski Cabin, House on the Lake or the Beach...I am ALL IN!! Just call me and we can find a date.

Beginning in May 2021, hold on to your suitcases because we are going to be flying through the air to a bunch of incredible locations. Planning this far out is imperative, so do me a favor and if you are even THINKING about it, contact me ASAP so we can chat about details. 

Turks & Caicos....May 31-June 5

Scottish Highlands.....June 21-23

We will be staying near Edinburgh where there are many 
photographic opportunities within a short drive.

Session Fee: $650 

Session includes multiple locations around desired destination at Sunrise or Sunset. Session usually lasts up to 3 hours.

Minimum Purchase: $2500 

With such amazing locations and 3 hours worth of photography, you are sure to want to remember the experience with some pretty awesome products. Most of our Destination Portrait families choose a beautiful custom coffee table album and a large single Wall Portrait or Wall Portrait Collection of some of their favorite images.

In order to reserve your session, both the session fee and the minimum purchase are due.

Limited Availability on ALL Destinations

EMAIL ME HERE to chat about the possibilities.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A Wizarding World {A Limited Edition Portrait Event}

 A couple of years ago, I decided to create a portrait of my teenage son that really depicted what he absolutely LOVED at that age....all things Harry Potter!

He has read ALL the books (several times), seen ALL the movies many, many times AND even been to the London studio where many of the movie scenes were filmed. Let's just say he is slightly obsessed.

Seeing that I have never watched a full movie and never read a page in the book, I relied on him to help me set the scene for his themed portrait session. Thanks to my friend Google, I drew inspiration from the movie posters and stills from the movie scenes and we created A Wizarding World!

Now Jackson is not a huge fan of being my model, but for this session he was ALL IN. We had a blast creating these images, capturing flying books, and he loved putting spells on me. Of course.

Everyone we have shown these to has RAVED about the images and wished they had ones just like them. So....we have decided to create an event just for all the Harry Potter fans out there.

These sessions are 30 minutes in length and designed especially for kids and young adults.
While the set is designed with one person in mind, we are able to fit up to 3 people at the most.
Robes and Ties will be provided, in addition to Books and Wands. 
Have your own outfit, wand or HP stuff? Great! You may totally use your own things!

This session is a LIMITED EDITION
That means for a limited time we are offering this set with all the cool props for a limited number of sessions. Our limit is only TEN SESSIONS

The Dates are October 8-10th. 
After each session we will need 30 minutes to sanitize the set and props for our next little wizard. Your safety is a concern and we are taking all the necessary steps to be sure everyone stays healthy.

The session fee is $50
Minimum order of $400
We have a Create your own Collection system, allowing you to purchase whatever fits your needs.
Our products include small prints, wall portraits, albums and digital file collections and much, much more! In order to book your session, simply call our studio and we will be happy to let you know the availability.

Call 210-497-3809 to Book or

This is a magical experience your child will never forget!!

Here are some more sample images to see the possibilities!

Friday, August 14, 2020

Music Box Dancer {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

 Our first ever "Music Box Dancer" Limited Edition is here!

If you have a little one who loves to dance, this is the perfect session.

With a Nutcracker theme, your child can choose to be The Sugar Plum Fairy or The Toy Soldier. Or you can bring your own costume instead. There are two different backgrounds to choose from: The wintery Land of Snow or our Center Stage setting.

These images would make beautiful painted pieces for your child's room or a prominent spot in your home. These would also be amazing gifts for grandparents, Christmas Cards and truly a wonderful experience for your tiny dancer.

I know many dancers didn't get to have their recitals this year, so this is the perfect way to commemorate the year and wear their own costume.

Reservations open August 18th. 210-497-3809

This Limited Edition Session is $50 with a Minimum Purchase of $400

Only 8 spots available

Center Stage as Sugar Plum Fairy

Center Stage as A Toy Soldier
A Toy Soldier in the Land of Snow

The Land of Snow in your own costume

Sugar Plum Fairy in the Land of Snow

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The 2020 HOLIDAY SEASON at Artistic Images {San Antonio Portraits with Santa}

The 2020 HOLIDAY SEASON at Artistic Images!

The Covid-19 Situation has given us a challenge with our Santa Portraits that no one could ever dream of. We know our clients come to visit Santa not only for the resulting portraits, but for the EXPERIENCE of talking with the REAL Santa Claus.
Let's be honest, Santa Claus is AWESOME. 
No one wants to miss out on a year without Santa Portraits.

We have diligently been working on our themes and ideas for this year. We have sent out surveys (Thank you to those who participated) and listened to your comments. We have formed brainstorming zoom calls with other portrait artists who create portraits with Santa in other cities and states and have come up with some great ideas.

What you will see this year is a product of our LOVE for all things SANTA and our PROMISE to keep our clients as safe as possible during our interactions. 

Here are the changes and precautions* for this year:

~We will only have ONE session type this year. It will be a 20 minute session that is booked at 30 minute  intervals. This will give us 10 minutes to sanitize and usher one client out and the other in.

~The foyer area will not be open for "waiting". Please wait in your car and text us when you arrive. We will let you know when it is time to come in. 

~Masks must be worn by parents/adults that are attending with the children. Only 2 adults/guest per session please. Masks will not be worn by Santa or the children during the session.

~Elizabeth and staff will be wearing masks during the sessions and washing hands in between sessions. Santa will be washing hands or changing out gloves in between each session.

~Hand Sanitizing is mandatory. A hand sanitizing station will be provided to sanitize prior to your session.

~Santa is an old man. Please do not bring your child to the session if they are sick. Also, please do not allow yourself or another adult to attend if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. We are happy to reschedule if possible or refund your booking fee if your child is sick for his/her session. 

~A Social distancing Santa Portrait is virtually impossible. Our indoor scenes would be quite the challenge to make this happen, however there is always the option to do your session without Santa in the scene. If this is your preference, you would need to let us know upon booking. However, there is the chance to do some images with Santa at a good distance (maybe not a full 6 feet though) in our OUTDOOR setting. Again, please let us know your preference so we can plan accordingly.

~Santa will be unable to hold Babies. Your baby will need to either be able to sit in the scene (either alone or in a prop of some kind) or be held by a parent or sibling.

~We have added a 3rd Santa Setting this year in SEPTEMBER. Our thought was to have one option early in the season, just in case their was a surge in cases as Winter approached.

~BOOK NOW. Because of our limitations on sessions per hour, we will book up quickly. Snag your spot and then share with your friends. 210-497-3809

~Viewing your portraits. We value your time and health, but also know that most of you love the advice and insights Elizabeth provides during your order appointment. 
You will have TWO options: 
In Person Order Appointment, the week following your session. We will take one appointment at a time (of course, since Elizabeth can only do one at a time) with time in between to clean and sanitize. These will take place in our large presentation room with masks worn. 
PROS: You can see all of the products we offer in person. You can view the portraits large on our projection screen. CONS: You have to come into the studio and you must wear pants :) 


Virtual Order Appointment, the week following your session, via ZOOM or GO TO MEETING from the comfort of your home or office. Both situations allows Elizabeth to take the time needed to assure you are getting exactly what you want. Both situations require an appointment that should take about 1 hour. 
PROS: You can wear your pajamas. You can be at your home or office
CONS: You are limited to the size of your computer screen. You can not touch and feel the products in person. Must be done on a laptop or desktop...tablets or phones will not be suitable.

*precautions taken based on CDC recommendations which are subject to change.

With all of that, we now share with you our
2020 Holiday Season Options:

*Please keep in mind these sets are designed for Children. 
When adding adults in, sets tend to get crowded and be a posing challenge.
If you are planning on having your family be a part of one of these scenes, 
I would recommend The Farmhouse Christmas or The Magical Snowman 
as they both have less space limitations. 

*Booking Fee: $300 +tax
($50 session fee, $250 credit towards portraits)

*Magical Snowman Booking Fee: $450
($50 session fee, minimum of a 14" portrait ($400)


Call 210-497-3809

For more images and information click HERE.
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

6 Tips to Booking your Fall Portraits with Artistic Images

Fall is the Season for Family Portraits

Cooler temperatures make for more pleasant outdoor portrait session because none of us want to be a sweaty mess in our family photos. However, I am only ONE person and can only accommodate so many sessions during the month of November (our busiest month every year).

Here are my tips for you during this 2020 Fall Portrait Season:

1. BOOK IN ADVANCE: Whether you want your session in September, October, November or even December. Book it NOW. Times will fill up and you don't want to miss out.

2. BOOK EARLY: This year we have an added stressor...COVID-19. We don't know what will happen as the weather gets colder. Book your session in August or September at the cooler times (Sunrise is best, Sunset is 2nd best) and check "family portrait" off your to-do list before any of your friends even start thinking about it.

3. LOOK AT OUR PORTRAIT EVENTS: We have several every fall at different locations, so check out the options at the bottom of this post and save yourself a little bit of money on your session fee. 

4. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Our Luxe Collection is growing in popularity and is a fabulous addition to your wall decor. Dress up in formals and tuxes and WOW everyone with your sophistication and style. These portraits are created INDOORS and are perfect no matter what the weather is doing.

5. HAVE YOUR  PORTRAITS DONE AT HOME: Where have you been spending all of your time this year? What a great memory of this year, to capture your family at home. Either inside or outside...or both!

6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Your Ranch, the Lake, with your Airplane or your Favorite Car, hiking at Enchanted Rock or in the Vineyards of Fredericksburg... I love to do things differently and would embrace your ideas!

Let's meet up for a consultation...I am happy to do them in-person or virtually....and discuss the possibilities!   210-497-3809 or email me here.

For More information about our CIBOLO NATURE CENTER Fall Family Day, click HERE!
For More Information about our GUADALUPE RIVER PORTRAITS, click HERE

For More Information about our Home for the Holidays Events: CLICK HERE