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Friday, May 30, 2014

Destanie...Class of 2014 Senior {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

I can't remember the very first time I photographed Destanie. Maybe she was 3 or 4 years old? But she has ALWAYS been a JOY to photograph. Always a little model, always sweet and willing to do any pose or idea that I could come up with.
Over the years, I have gotten to know her large family (she has 5 brothers) and have been there for all the graduations and major family events. They are like an extension of my family.
After 3 of her brothers that graduated before her, it is finally Destanie's turn for her senior portraits! Mom was in heaven, finally planning a GIRLY session! We had a ton of fun at the different locations that Destanie chose and here are some of my personal favorites!

When Destanie's father passed away unexpectedly last year, we were all heartbroken. Her dad is always in her heart.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to have your Senior Portraits Made in the SUMMER {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

And that means that if you were a JUNIOR, you are NOW a SENIOR!!

This is cause for a little celebration!

Mom is thinking "Holy Cow, how did that happen? She/He just seemed like they started High School last week, and now they are a senior?"
Time flies.

So, that brings me to my point: This summer will FLY by and before you know it, it will be time for dance team/football/band practice to begin.

The time is NOW, to have your senior portraits made. Yes, THIS SUMMER. You know, the one BEFORE you start your senior year.

Why NOW? I don't look like I will look in a year (yeah, right). I'm not officially a senior (yes, you are).

So, I have compiled a TOP TEN list (like David Letterman) of why you should have your senior portraits made THIS SUMMER.

#10: You are OUT of school. No schedule. You have MORE time on your hands.
#9:  Summer fashions are AWESOME and ON SALE right now!
#8: You have a TAN!
#7: Once school begins, you will be so busy that you will have no flexibility to schedule when YOU want.
#6: You have time to get a pedicure, manicure, etc prior to your senior portraits
#5: You will have your whole senior year to share your photos again and again on Instagram.
#4: You will be the trendsetter, having the BEST SENIOR PORTRAITS in SAN ANTONIO
#3: You are STRESS-FREE. No tests, no studying, no stress. This makes for a beautiful smile.
#2: You could book back to back sessions with a FRIEND for moral support, love and FUN!
#1: We are having a SALE!!!! 75 % off all Session Fees*!! That means you can buy more outfits, or more photos!

*excludes our popular location session "Model for the Day"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dando Amor (Giving Love) Shoe Drive {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

Want to make a difference?
I do!
In fact, in the last few years, it has really been at the forefront of my mind.
What is my purpose on this Earth? How can I give to those in need? 
Sometimes, it is just the simplest of things that mean the most.

What would it be like to walk around outside, everyday with out shoes?
For me, it would be awful! I have tender feet and the thought of walking my studio grounds 
without shoes actually makes me cringe in pain.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful organization
Dando Amor

Dando Amor is a non-profit organization dedicated to blessing the lives of children throughout the world.
Currently, they are having a SHOE DRIVE, so they can take as many shoes as possible
on their next Mission trips to South America and Africa.
Click HERE for more information about Shoes For Love.

We are an OFFICIAL DROP LOCATION for your 
old, outdated, worn, too small, don't fit right shoes.
Don't throw your shoes away, bring them to US!!

Our studio will have a drop box outside for your shoes.
Drop off ANYTIME between today and TUESDAY MAY 27.

Please share this with everyone you know!

Changing the World, One Shoe at a Time.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gabriel...2014 Senior Model for the Day at the Pearl Brewery and Boerne {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

I had so much fun traveling with Gabriel from the Pearl Brewery to Boerne Champion High School and then to the downtown Boerne area. We began VERY early in the morning (HELLO SUNRISE) in order to accomplish the multiple locations before the sun was too high in the sky! Here are some of my favorite images from his "Model for the Day Session" (Find out more at


Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Am I headed to DisneyWorld AGAIN this summer? {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Some of the questions I have had regarding my trip to DisneyWorld:

Why oh WHY do you go during the summer? Don't you know it is HOT? Don't you know it is CROWDED?
       YES, I know it is hot. YES, I would love to NOT go during the summer. Yes, I know it is crowded.

However, our family travels to Orlando every other year for a very special reason.
The Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation BiAnnual Conference.

You may already know that my husband and I have a very special child named Jacob. He was born with a very rare genetic disorder called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. When he was diagnosed at age 18 months, the disorder was yet to be named so it was called 22q13 deletion syndrome. At the time, there were only about 150 known cases in the WORLD. Since then, genetic testing has improved so much that now, there are about 800 cases WORLD WIDE. About that time, the foundation was in its infancy and we had yet to meet another child with the same disorder. So, we attended the first conference. It was a wonderful and emotional experience and we learned so much about Jacob's future and how to best care for him.

Since then, we have attended each conference which were always held in Greenville, NC. 2 years ago, they moved the conference to Orlando allowing families to add a family vacation at Disney to their travel plans. This was the first time we took our other two boys with us and took a family trip to Disney before and after the conference.

The foundation lives on volunteers. We have volunteered in several ways in the past, but something was just on my heart. I needed to use MY gifts to help the families. So, our family portrait donation day was born. Trey and I, along with an amazing photographer friend, set up two photographic studios at the conference, and photographed any family that signed up for NO FEE at all.

These families rarely have family portraits. Some of them have never had one. A variety of reasons goes into this. Some have such high medical expenses that there is no extra money left over for things like family photos. Some are scared of what their special child will do when at the session, or maybe even embarrassed by their behavior. Whatever the reason, we wanted to give them no reason NOT to do this. So, my friend Bill and I photographed families for 5 straight hours. Trey edited images and burned dvd's and after 10 long hours of work, we had it done!

So, this will be year TWO of these family portraits for a cause. We hope to streamline it a little more and gather a few more volunteers to make it go a little faster. We are dedicated to getting these families some beautiful, high quality images of their amazing children.

Before and after the conference, I have opened up a few appointments for my clients at DisneyWorld. We begin very early in the morning and are able to get some incredible images at the Magic Kingdom or where ever your heart's desire.

July 22-28 with Limited Availability
Want me to come with you on your DISNEY vacation any OTHER time of year? 
Simply call and ask about the possibilities! 

For more information about Phelan McDermid Syndrome, visit their website
For images of our last trip to Disneyworld click HERE.

Jacob and I on the beach in Destin, Florida

Beautiful Family Portrait Session in Hawaii {San Antonio Family Photographer}

I am blessed to call myself a "Destination Portrait Artist". I enjoy travel and I love my job as a Photographer. I decided years ago to attempt to merge the two into my business, Artistic Images.

This has taken off like I never thought it would, taking me to Hawaii, Italy, Alaska, 
Florida, Mexico, Canada, California and more! 

Here is a family session I created during our last excursion to Hawaii....this time Tunnels Beach on Kauai.
This family is truly stunning! Every image of them was even better than the last!

Take a look at some of my favorites from our session, and if you are interested 
in going with us THIS year,
click HERE for more information. 
Keep an eye on our Destination Portrait Calendar on our website OR 
call us if there is a place you want to go to! 210-497-3809

Here is the beautiful Swientek Family:

Our Signature Painted Portrait On Display at our Studio