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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tips to taking the BEST photos of your family on Christmas Day! {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Here are some great tips to getting the BEST photos of 
  • The NIGHT BEFORE: Charge the battery and be sure you have a fresh memory card!
  • Start your storytelling images with Christmas Eve (such as Santa's milk and cookies, the tree as it waits for the BIG morning reveal and mom or dad reading them a bedtime story)
  • In order for the images to look similar to the way your eye remembers it, turn on all your lights, open window shades and turn up the ISO on your camera (this is the speed of the camera). Depending on how much light is in your room, that could be ISO 1600, 3200 or higher. Too high, and there could be a lot of digital noise.
  • Try to have your shutter speed at 1/125 or higher so that your photos are not blurry.
  • If your photos are blurry, raise your ISO or turn your flash on if necessary. 
  • If there are windows in your room, do not use them as a background to your subject (or they will be in silhouette). Instead, stand in front of them and use them to illuminate your children.
  • If possible, stand by your tree so you get your kids faces as they see what Santa has brought instead of their getting photos of their backs.
  • Zoom in on kids expressions as they open their gifts!
  • Get down on the kids level when they are opening gifts for a better viewpoint.
After you have created some wonderful images that create a story, make a STORYBOOK from an online source such as Shutterfly or Mpix and continue to relive the day for years to come.

If you are getting a new camera for Christmas and want to learn a little more about HOW to WORK your CAMERA, keep an eye on FACEBOOK and our EMAILS for dates for our  Amateur Photo Classes.

Friday, December 12, 2014

2015 Destination Portraits {San Antonio Destination Portrait Photographer}

Our 2015 Destination Portraits are really taking shape!
We are so excited that we will be visiting EUROPE this summer again, 
but this time we are hitting 
Paris...June 9-14
Trier, Germany (and surrounding countryside)...June 15-19
London...June 20-25

**We already have THREE sessions in Paris, so if you are thinking about joining us in Paris, please contact us right away so we can chat about the possibilities!

As of right now, we only have a couple of tentative session interest in the other two cities and are open to venturing away from the cities if you would prefer more countryside portraiture.
Either way, CALL us if you are interested!
Click HERE for more detailed information

Maui, Hawaii...July 4-9
I wasn't planning a trip to Hawaii so soon after the long adventure we took last summer, BUT, my arm was twisted (ouch) and I will be going back to MAUI again!
I currently have FOUR sunset sessions booked, but could fit a total of 4 more sessions in (but you may have to wake up early for a sunrise session).
Click HERE for more information.

Padre Island, Texas...July 17-20
We are heading to NORTH Padre Island (close to Port Aransas) for the 21st year of Beach Portraits!
If you want to join us, we only have FIVE sessions available, so give us a call to set up a consultation!

South Padre Island...early August (dates tba)
We have yet to book a session for South Padre, so if you would like us to photograph your family, give us a call and we can chat about dates. Most of August is open for us (due to our Big Sky postponement until 2016).

Other locations that I will be visiting this year:
April 25-26...Dallas, Texas
May 29-June 2...Birmingham, Alabama
If one of those locations interests you, be sure to call ASAP!