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Friday, April 17, 2015

Summer Beach Portraits Coming Soon! {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

There is nothing quite like a portrait on the Beach.
Peaceful. Simple. Serene. Beautiful

Families. Children. Engagements. High School Seniors.
 Below are the dates for our 2015 Beach Portraits
and some sample imagery from the different locations.

Dates don't work for you? Sometimes we are able to adjust our dates, 
but if you don't ASK, you will never know!
Call us at 210-497-3809 to chat about the possibilities.

PS: We are in the pre-planning stages for 2016 Destinations. Call us if
you have a place that YOU want to go!

Sunrise or Sunset sessions.
Book your complimentary design consultation to discuss the possibilities!
North Padre July 17-20
South Padre August 7-10
$450 with a minimum print purchase of $1000.

What does that $1000 get me?
It is a "credit" towards anything on our Price Menu.
You could get a beautiful large wall portrait, a bunch of small gift portraits or
it can go towards one of our fabulous Art Albums.

What does the $450 session fee include?
Master Photographer, Elizabeth Homan, will spend approximately 2 hours photographing your family on the beach with her amazing assistant (her awesome husband, Trey). You may choose sunset, or Elizabeth's personal favorite time, Sunrise, as your session time. Elizabeth will create MANY images to choose from.

There are ONLY THREE SPOTS available at each beach location.

Call NOW...210-497-3809

Sample Images from Padre Island

Cutest Smile Contest and WINNER! {Celebration of Smiles...PPA Charities}

We had a fabulous turnout for our 1st ever Cutest Smile Contest!
We did this in conjunction with PPA Charities Celebration of Smiles Event. Clients paid a minimum of $25 to have a mini session done. However the more $$ they paid, the more gift certificate "credit" they received from us.

I am happy to say that we were able to donate $1050 to Operation Smile. 

It costs $240 to "save a smile".  Saving a Smile means that the Operation Smile physicians travel to countries where cleft lip and cleft palette are common birth defects. They operate on these children and adults, fixing what could have been (and has been) serious issues. 
For only $240 a LIFE can be CHANGED! 
For some of us, that is the cost of a nice dinner out.
Or a new outfit.
For these people, $240 changes their life.

With the money we received from our Cutest Smile Contestants, we were
able to donate $1050, saving FOUR+ smiles!!
THANK YOU to those who took advantage of this wonderful event!

Here are the beautiful children that came to visit us last week:
(The winner of the contest is announced at the bottom)

All of the children have AMAZING smiles!!!

And the winner of the $50 Toys R Us Gift card is......
Sweet Rebecca!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet Little Roxanne in the Bluebonnets {San Antonio Children's Portrait Photographer}

 Sweet Roxanne is a JOY to photograph! She has such a precious little personality and the camera just LOVES her! Love the adorable dresses her Mom picked out (this little one has NO shortage of AMAZING clothing) and I am so happy that Mom decided to jump in a few of the images.

We were blessed with a gorgeous early evening day for our session in the Bluebonnet field! Here are just a few of my favorite images from my time with Sweet Roxanne!