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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lost Maples/Enchanted Rock (San Antonio Family Portrait Photographer)

Lost Maples
 is an extremely beautiful park with miles of hiking trails. Each trail leads to different areas like caves, lakes, streams and "wheat" fields. Since San Antonio doesn't have many types of trees that turn color in the fall, this is the place to be for Fall Family Portraits. Currently, I am looking at possible dates for an excursion to Lost Maples. It is about a 1 1/2 hour drive so it is not a place I frequent. I would love to take 4 families (or other types of sessions) with me when I go. I already have ONE commited and TWO interested which means I might only have one spot left. I will warn you: there is quite a bit of walking involved. In fact, the cave area is super cool but is about a mile or two trek down the trail. I might suggest no high heels!
Check out some of the images I have created from years past:

Enchanted Rock
 is a beautiful location of giant rocks and rock formations.
I have only been there once to photograph and it was a Maternity session.  So even though that is all I have to show, you can imagine that families would look fabulous in this location as well.
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Urban Senior Portrait Safari (San Antonio Senior Portrait Photographer)

High School Seniors
This is it!  The session you have been waiting for!
This location is supremely cool!
Probably the total opposite of what your mother wants!
But I know one thing your Mom will like:
This 30 minute session at our Urban Warehouse downtown San Antonio is a FABULOUS Deal!
NO SESSION FEE (save $300)
NO FEE to use the location (save $75)
Only a $200 portrait order requirement (Usually $1200 for location sessions)
Check out the amazing images that we can capture at this Location:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Family Portraits (San Antonio Portrait Photographer)

I love my job....LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  But photographing my own family is about as challenging as it gets.  Let me paint you a picture:  Sunday morning 6am- I am up getting showered and ready to look as good as I can look for a family portrait. 6:45am-My kids are up getting dressed...or rather I am getting them dressed myself since they are too tired (aka lazy) to do it themselves.  Get Jacob up, fed, dressed, medication. Trey can get himself ready and does a great job helping me get the kids ready too...He deserves some credit here!
Get my camera, CF cards ready, batteries charged, etc.  Load up the car.  I am in charge of coffee (why do I do this to myself?) so we take a detour to Starbucks to get a Traveller.  Live and learn...Travellers should be called in ahead of time...15 minutes later, a Pumpkin Spice Nonfat Latte and a Traveller and we are off to Guadalupe River State Park!
I made it on time!!  Whatever happened to the cool weather we had?  Humid and hot and I am sweating my rear end off (oh...I wish) layered in a sweater jacket to hide the multitude of chocolate and lack of working out that I do. My sweet friend Karrie is there to photograph this crowd...Mom and Dad...Brother/Wife/Two Grown Boys...Single Sister...Sister/Husband/Four Boys ages 4-14...Me/Trey/Three Boys with bad attitudes and One with obsessive-compulsive chewing disorder!  We are a sight to see!
My mother has some trouble walking down all the rough terrain and is quite funny to see a train of people coming down the hill to get her to the water's edge.
Luckily my brother's two boys brought their sweet girlfriends who sang(if you can call it that), did power ranger kicks, climbed trees and almost anything else to get these little boys to smile.  Ahhhh the fun!
To top all of this off, Jacob (with the OCD biting disorder) bites my mother right on the leg...drawing blood and a few tears.  Needless to say, we are DONE! 
Fun times!  And luckily we have some awesome photos of the whole event, since it might be awhile until we attempt this again.
So, if you are thinking your brood is just not photo worthy, THINK AGAIN!  I have seen it all and my family generally is worse than any other family I have ever photographed.  Call me today to book a session that will freeze time and create a wonderful memory that you can cherish....or at least laugh about later!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Santa Portraits (San Antonio Photographer)

It is hard to believe but it is THAT time again!
Artistic Images believes in doing Christmas up BIG and
this year is no exception!

We have 4 Christmas events this year:  2 with Santa Claus and 2 without.

In addition to our brand NEW set designs we have brand NEW packages and products that will have all of your friends supremely jealous (unless you opt to let them know about us too and then they too can share in the Christmas awesomeness)!!
This year our packages even INCLUDE our
brand new ePix....small digital files
so that you can email, put on Facebook or even put them
in your own digital frame. 
Exciting stuff here!
We have brand new jewelry, Christmas ornaments and
some adorable little purse Brag Books.

As if that is not enough....we have NEW Christmas Card designs, Incredible Storybooks of your whole session and a fabulous special deal on a beautiful frame to go with your new Holiday Portrait Decor.

I know, I know, I's just too much to handle!
So, let us help you with your selections and offer our suggestions by making a viewing and ordering appointment with one of our Portrait Design Consultants instead of viewing and choosing online. 

Either way, you don't have to wait in line at the mall and you will
have your Christmas Portraits done and delivered before some
people even think about putting up their Christmas Tree. 

Whew...Check that off your list!

See our beautiful New Scenes below: