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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 30 Images of 2015 {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

I decided to sit down and try to pick my favorite images that I created in 2015.
This was a tough project, because I put my heart into every session I do and 
I always have several images from each session that I just love.

I am absolutely sure that I am forgetting images that should be in this group, but at this point I started with my Top 10 but couldn't decide, so I made it Top 25 and now have ended up with Top 30.

My wish for all my friends, family and clients is for 2016 to be filled with JOY. 
To CHERISH the little things, the big things and all the in between things.
May your 2016 be richly blessed!

I hope to see you all in front of my camera next year to create some beautiful images!

Here are my TOP 30 IMAGES OF 2015
(in no particular order)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Amateur Photo Class Dates Announced! {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

So....if you want the photos you are taking to look great, take this 2.5 hour class!

This class is NOT for anyone who already understands photography and wants to turn it into a business. For that, you should take my class at the Texas School of Professional Photography.
This IS for moms,dads, teens and adults who want better photos of their kids, vacations, pets or whatever you like to take photos of!

Register Today as there are only 20 spots available!

If you have already taken PART ONE of this class when I have offered it in the past, then this next class is for you! We will discuss how art influences photography, different lighting styles and patterns, composition and MORE!

The classes are a minimum donation of $45 that will be going to This organization is the foundation for Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, the genetic disorder that affects my son, Jacob. Your donation will be going COMPLETELY towards research for this very rare disorder that affects 
roughly 800 people in the WORLD.
So, this is a WIN-WIN situation! Give money for a great cause and receive information that will help you capture memories for your family for YEARS to come!
HURRY....there are only 20 spots in each class!
I wish I was able to accomodate more, 
but there just isn't enough space!