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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here we go again...Outtakes from the Homan Easter Session

No matter how difficult it is, I still attempt to take portraits of my boys. Some sessions are better than others. Here is the anatomy of a Homan Boys portrait session. This time our challenge were those cute purple ties (Justin Bieber's favorite color...in case you didn't know). Jacob and his obsessive-compulsive chewing has a one-track mind....get that tie in my mouth!!!
So, next time your kids act up in a session, remember this post. I have seen it all, nothing scares or shocks me. But, my boys are awesome and a little rotten too!

 And finally...One of the good ones!


  1. I love it....you have an amazing family....thanks for reminding me that evey mom has the same issues to deal with, when it comes to kids and pictures!! :)

  2. Love this! They did a fantastic job (and so did you!)