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Monday, January 2, 2012

Amateur Photography Class {San Antonio Photographer}

Last year we had an overwhelming turnout for our Amateur Photography Class.
So, we have decided to do it AGAIN!
This year we will have TWO different classes. If you attended our class last year and you want to take the NEXT step to better photography, you will want to attend
Photography 102 on January 24
If you did not attend our class last year, you will want to sign up for
Photography 101 on January 10

These classes will fill up quickly! I can only have
25 attendees on each day,
so if you want to guarantee your spot
call 210-497-3809
The class is a $35 donation to
For those you don't know, my oldest son Jacob has a rare genetic disorder called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. The foundation above is dedicated to the research of this rare disorder and any money raised will specifically go to help Jacob and others just like him.
You may bring a check made out to PMSF or go online to donate and print a receipt.
Minimum donation is $35

Just a word about these classes:
This is for amateurs ONLY. The class is geared towards Moms and Dads who want to take better snapshots of their children. The class will help you know the limitations of different kinds of cameras, help you a little with lighting issues and give you some basic posing tips.
Photo 102 will go more into detail about lighting, composition, exposure and help you create photos of your children that you will be proud of.

If you are an aspiring professional, this is NOT the class for you.
You will be BORED!
If you wish to take your photography to the next level....professional....consider taking a class at and becoming a member of

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  1. I would love to do something like this; but I live so far away. But thanks for offering this affordable option. I'll promote it on my FB page for anyone who is in your area. It's a cool opportunity!!!