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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Spring Portrait Events {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Guess What Time It Is???

Keep up the rain dances...the little Texas Beauties are beginning to sprout and it looks like we just might have a FABULOUS year on our hands!

I know you have thought about doing a family portrait in the bluebonnets every year, as you watch the dozens of crazy families perched on the field on the side of the highway. Rest assured...that is NOT where we photograph our beautiful Bluebonnet Portraits! I will not divulge my secret locations at the moment, just know that your family will be safe in my hands :)

So now, I have convinced you and you are saying What Next?!?
You need to call me ASAP to set up a personal consultation so we can talk, everything! We will add you to our "Bluebonnet Call List" and, as long as the little blue flowers
do indeed bloom, we are golden!
The Session fee for this "Mini" Session (30 minutes) is only $100
and there is a $200 minimum order requirement.
You will pay that when we actually schedule your session time and date.

*Please Note: The bluebonnets ONLY last between 2-3 weeks, so the window of opportunity is limited. As much as I wish I had a better connection with the man upstairs, I am not able to extend the life of these gorgeous flowers. They bloom when they bloom. They will die when they die.
Disclaimer what are YOU waiting for? Call us now to get on "THE LIST"

Click HERE to see the newest Bluebonnet Slide Show!
A great way to get ideas.


It has been a few years since these ADORABLE Baby ducks have visited us.
They have been ordered. Yes, I ordered them online from a hatchery.
Soon they will arrive and we will be knee deep in duck poo!

Seriously though, have you ever seen anything as cute as these little ducklings?
Ok, well, besides your children?
Imagine your precious children with these adorable ducklings...
That is just too much cuteness in one photo!

Day with the Ducklings is a Collector's Series Event.
What does that mean?
Shorter sessions and Great Discounts!
Collector's Series pricing is greatly reduced from our regular Lifestyle Prices.
This is the way to get an "Elizabeth" Portrait for a smaller price tag!
~Collector's Series Events are ONLY for children~


Spring Family Day is a very popular Family Portrait Event every year!
For the 2nd year in a row, we are going to be photographing at the
 San Antonio Botanical Gardens.
33 acres of flowers, rustic fences, a lake, a log cabin...the list goes on and on.

Before it gets booked up, grab one of the 4 remaining openings and
come see me for a personal Portrait Design Consultation.

The session fee is only $100 for this HOUR long session.
There is a minimum purchase of $200.

So, that is what is happening during the Spring!
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Questions? Give us a call at 210.497.3809
or Send me an Email
(look at the email link on the right side of this page)

Thanks for visiting and
I hope you have a Blessed Day!

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