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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are going to the BEACH!!!! {San Antonio Family Beach Photographer}

One of the best memories I have from when I was a child was
going on vacation to the beach.
My family was all together (sometimes I wanted to ditch my brother, but...) and there was no stress, no agenda, no school and no work! Don't you wish you could bottle up those fabulous times and go back to them when your day is stressful, your kids are driving you crazy and your life is just too hectic??

You CAN!!

Join us at one of our FABULOUS beach locations this summer and
STOP TIME with a beautiful family portrait on the beach.

June 9-11.....North Padre Island
June 26-July 3.....Kauai, Hawaii
July 14-16.....Destin, Florida
July 18-20.....Naples, Florida

Very limited availability for each location.
Call us about the possibilities!


  1. You did an amazing job with the pictures. You captured their closeness so perfectly. The beach really is a perfect setting for a family picture. The ocean provides a beautiful natural background along with the clouds and the sand. And after you get your pictures, you can enjoy under the sun.

  2. Thanks Donna! My thoughts exactly....nothing better than a family portrait at the beach!