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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Summer 2013 Portrait Destination....ITALY! {San Antonio Destination Family Photographer}

We are going to ITALY
and would love it if
YOU could join us!
Here are the dates
and tentative locations:
June 18-22 Tuscany
June 22-23 Venice
June 24-27 Rome
June 27-29 Amalfi Coast
All of the above dates and locations are tentative as we still
have yet to secure all travel plans.
If you are interested in meeting up with us at the most
fabulous portrait destination we have been to yet,
give us a call to chat about the possibilites.
Destination portrait sessions are $650 (1-2 locations)
Minimum portrait purchase of $2000
Complete Destination Package includes ALL day at
as many locations as you can fit into one day.
Also includes 40" wall portrait, 50 page Custom Art Book
and 100 Christmas Cards

Visit www.zincasso.com for
assistance planning your vacation to Italy.
They provide a fabulous service!
for Italy on a budget.

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