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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Celebration of Smiles Charity Event {San Antonio Photographer}

This is your chance!!!
Need a new professional headshot?
Have a new, cool haircut to show off?
Has your child just lost his two front teeth and you NEED this captured?
Whether you are a baby, child, tween, teen or adult....this Event is for YOU!

For $24 you will receive a quick 10 minute session with Master Photographer, Elizabeth Homan (that is me :-)) AND one small digital file that YOU will choose ONLINE and we will email it to you.
What is a SMALL digital file?? It is a WEB sized image, perfect for online sharing (facebook, linked in, etc) or for you to email to Grandma, or for a website. It is NOT good for any printing. In fact, if you do print it any bigger than your thumbnail, it will look like CaCa (aka Doodoo).
However, you will be able to purchase ANYTHING else that you would like (prints, collages, portraits and YES, we will also sell you a Medium Digital File that will be good for printing should you want to make Business Cards or anything smaller than an a 8x10 (however, those are not $24)

You know what is REALLY UBER COOL about this Event?
It is for CHARITY!!
Operation Smile is an amazing organization that does surgery for children who were born with cleft lip/palette. You should look at their website to see how awesome it really is!!!
If I can do ONLY 10 SESSIONS, then WE have purchased ONE surgery for ONE child. $240=one surgery

Imagine, if you spread the news like wildfire....
Maybe we could buy several children their NEW SMILES!!!
So, it is YOUR JOB to SHARE this link with all of your friends and let's make a difference in this world!
Together....WE can make a Difference!

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