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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We are not promised a tomorrow

In the wake of the happenings of the last week in the world and in my own personal life, I am reminded that today could very well be my last day on earth.
The Boston Marathon bombing has once again stunned the world with these evil, senseless acts of terror.  The whole country is on edge wondering, "What will come next?"
Personally, the world lost a great man, father, husband, grandfather and brother on April 12. His family was my long time photography client. He was only 47. Today I attended his funeral and watched his family and hundreds of friends grieve over the loss of him. He was a great, faithful, full-of-life, christian man. I was most affected by the words of his children. Words of love. Words of respect. Words of gratitude for giving them an amazing life. He was taken too soon from them, yet he left a lasting imprint on their hearts. He taught them to work hard, love greatly, treat others with respect and live life to the fullest. Each of them called him their "best friend".
I wonder how many of us can say that our dad is our best friend?
How many of our children would say that about us?
I truly hope my children would say that about me, and I strive to work hard to make that my legacy.

Instilling in them these principles is my mission:
Work Hard
Love Greatly
Treat others with Respect
Live Life to the Fullest

None of us are promised a tomorrow. We need to make the best out of every day we have on this earth.
Although we all grieve the loss of such a great man, his passing has made us all realize what kind of legacy we will leave when we leave this earth. Thank you Bill Chalker for that message.

Please say a prayer for all those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing and for the entire Chalker family.

Thankfully, the Chalker family had a portrait session not too long ago. I feel blessed that they chose me to capture these memories, now even more than ever. 

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