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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Come to PARIS with us!! {San Antonio Destination Photographer}

There is nothing more romantic than Paris.
We are SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to travel to Paris this June and photograph families and couples in Paris. Seriously, this is like a DREAM!
However, I am still ONE PORTRAIT SESSION short of this being a done deal!

You know you WANT to go, so let's make it happen!
Paris....June 10-14.
However, we are not limited to Paris the city. If you want to do portraits in Versailles....GREAT! If you have a favorite little spot you LOVE that is fairly close...AWESOME!
I will be traveling to the Loire Valley (wine country) on the 15th for 5 days and would be happy to do portraits in the area, if that is more your style.

What is the first step?
Call me! 210-497-3809
There is no obligation if you just call, right? Let's chat details and we will go from there.
If you would rather email...send me one HERE.

What are the details?
The session fee is $650. This is for a sunrise or sunset session (whole session is about 3 hours depending on the desired locations)
There is a minimum order of $2000. All of that goes towards a portrait, or an album, or whatever your poison.
It is all PAID in ADVANCE of the trip.
You do NOT have to pay my expenses (provided that I have at least TWO sessions while I am in Paris).

What do I guarantee?
A FABULOUS experience! AMAZING portraits at an AMAZING location! Nutella Crepes from a street vendor. Ok, the last one may seem like nothing, but TRUST me...they are AMAZING too, just like the portraits!


J'aime Paris! (I love Paris)
La ville de l'amour (The City of Love)
Portraits dans Paris sont belles (Portraits in Paris are Beautiful)
Venez avec nous à Paris (Come with us to Paris)
Bien? (Ok?)

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