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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

These aren't your average Pictures with Santa! {San Antonio Portraits with Santa}

These aren't your 
Keep reading to learn more about our One-of-a-kind Santa Portraits and see images below for samples of our 2014 Sets.

T'was the Night Before Christmas

Santa's Christmas Cottage 

The Process of Creating Santa Portraits:
It all starts about the month of January. The Artistic Images team researches and discusses the theme for the next year. The team then shops for unique props and backgrounds that supports the new theme. In July, we completely design, build and photograph the new theme to begin the marketing that
will take place in the fall months. 
The Artistic Images Santa Portrait sets are unlike any other in the state of Texas or quite possibly even the United States.  I use my 22 years as a professional photographer to create dramatic lighting that create a storytelling image that will be worthy of displaying as an
Art Piece on the wall of your home.

I can guarantee you, that NO ONE else puts as much time, effort and creativity creating these amazing sessions for Santa Portraits.

But, it is not just about the portrait that hangs on the wall, the awesome set design or the Adorable Christmas Cards.
It is about the EXPERIENCE the Children have when 
they are at Artistic Images. 
The MEMORIES that are created with Santa Claus 
that will never be forgotten. 
It is the REASON that we still have teenagers come that 
don't want to miss a single year of that experience.

These aren't your average Santa Pictures.

Here are just a few Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I have to wait in line?
NO WAY! All of our sessions are by appointment only. If there were an unforeseen circumstance where waiting may occur, you will do so in a comfortable enironment where seating is available. While we RARELY
have this happen, there are the occasional times that
waiting 5 minutes may be necessary.
2. What if my child is afraid of Santa?
If your child is between the ages of 9 months-3 years, the chances are EXTREMELY high that Santa may be a bit "scary" to them. This is normal. We begin every session with images without Santa and introduce him as the session evolves.  There are many times that Santa is in the portrait and the child is unaware of that.  Rest assured, with or without the man in red, we will capture a beautiful image of your child or children in our amazing scene.

3. Can my family join in?
Some of our sets have the capability of having families join in the session and some do not. Typically, our sets are designed specifically for children and tend to look a bit "small" when adults join in. This year, we do not have a set with Santa that will work with families, but we do have our Christmas Tree Haul event on December 6th without Santa Claus. 

Christmas Tree Haul 

4. Can I order Christmas Cards?
Absolutely! We have hundreds of designs for you to choose from at our studio or you can have us custom design a card just for you! A select number of card designs are available online or you may make an appointment to meet with one of our design consultants if you want to choose from the entire collection.

5. Is this the REAL Santa Claus?
As you can see from the photos, he is the REAL DEAL! I have known Santa Claus for many years and he makes three special trips to visit me each year. Once when we design and photograph our new set and twice in November.
He typically flies down to San Antonio on an airplane, as his reindeer are eating and resting for the long trip on Christmas Eve. Besides, it is never quite cold enough for those reindeer to hang out while Santa is busy visiting with all the children. BTW, Santa REALLY wants the children to bring their lists so that he can be sure to get them what they want.

6. Is it expensive?
Santa Portraits are part of our "Collector's Series" which are 50-60% off our regular portrait fees. While we will never be "inexpensive", our portraits are considered PRICELESS by everyone who visits. Session fees are $35 and there is a minimum portrait order of $150. Prints begin at $40 and our incredible packages begin at $250.

All sessions are photographed by myself, Elizabeth Homan, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, Approved Photographic Instructor, International speaker and
MOM to three little boys.

Check out the video!

And this year, we are doing something EXTRA SPECIAL to give back!
Click HERE for more information!

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