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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Extreme Portraits {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

We are excited to announce our newest endeavor:
These amazing images are a merge of dramatic lighting and state of the art digital technology. The result is an image that is truly an Art Piece of your little athlete or superhero.

All you moms of BOYS out were been left out during our FROZEN event and we just can't have that!
As a mom of 3 boys, I totally understand the desire for something REALLY COOL for boys. My boys have these EXTREME PORTRAITS printed on Metal on display in their room and they LOVE to show all of their friends just how cool they look.

But what if you have a GIRL who is totally into Sports or Superheros? No problem, this is something that will work for boys or girls.

What can you do?

ANY Sport: Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse....if they play it, we can photograph it! Is lego building a sport? SURE it is! Bring it on! What about Playing the Xbox? My son Jackson believes it is a sport, so WHY NOT? Bring your own uniform or sports outfit along with any sporting equipment that goes along with it (ie: ball, bat, hockey stick, etc)

ANY Superhero: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America....Any Superhero will do. You provide the costume and we will provide the amazing background that brings your little Superhero to life!

So here is the scoop: Your session is 20 minutes long and is photographed with ONE CHILD only. If you have more than one child, book back-to-back sessions and we can even do a few images together if you would like. Session Fee $50
There is a $150 minimum purchase that is due on the day of booking (along with your session fee).
We have some super cool packages JUST for this that all include AMAZING METAL PRINTS! Metal is really the BEST way to display images like this, they will just POP off the page!

Because of the difficulty in creating a product such as this, choices will be fewer than normal but every image will be an  EPIC MASTERPIECE!

This Special Event is happening the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH. Any weekday is available (Tuesday-Friday) and as of right now, there are some spring break openings. We will have after school times, but those will disappear fast, so don't wait to book!

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