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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Day is tomorrow!!!!

I love this time of year...the colors, the smells and the fresh crisp air (although not so fresh or crisp out there currently-78 degrees and humid). I love watching my 3 boys get excited about all of the fall events that are happening. We just attended the Fall Fair at the elementary school, last night had the fall kids church choir concert and this morning we had the annual storybook parade for my youngest, Joshua. He dressed in a dinosaur costume that coordinated with one of his favorite dino books. The children were soooo adorable in their costumes with their grins from ear to ear! There is just nothing cuter than that.

Jackson's solo at the Choir Performance

Joshua as a Dinosaur!

This is just a reminder that tomorrow from 4-6pm is Spooky Day at Artistic Images.

Bring your adorable little ones in for a FREE mini session and FREE 4x6 portrait.

The set is going to be adorable...full of fall decorations and pumpkins.

You will be able to choose the image you want online and you will be able to purchase anything else your heart desires as well.

If you wish, we will be taking donations for the 22q13 Foundation. This is the chromosome disorder that affects my oldest son. The foundation is constantly researching ways to help these children. You can find out more information at http://www.22q13.org/

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