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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fantastic Giveaway Today!

Hey friends,
Today we will be having a fabulous giveaway! Check out the image below to see the beautiful chocolate colored Inspirational T-shirt by designer Sabrina Barnett. It is a "burn out" shirt and it comes in size medium.
How do you win this fabulous t-shirt?

There are two steps:
1. Sign up to Follow the Blog--it is FREE and easy. Just look along the right side of the blog and click "Follow the Blog", put in some info and have signed up. (do not worry we don't use the info for any reason except to send you an email when the blog is updated).
2. Comment on THIS BLOG POST  ("Fantastic giveaway today") about why you love the shirt, or deserve the shirt or whatever you want to post.

Following these TWO STEPS will enter you into a drawing to win the t-shirt which will be done TODAY at 5:30!!
If you already "follow the blog" then just go ahead and make a comment and you too will be entered into the drawing.

See, it is simple! Have Fun!


  1. I would love the shirt! Been through some rough times and that beautiful butterfly reminds me of God's constantly renewing emoowement in my life!

  2. oh sorry, can't seem to be able to type....that should be empowerment!

  3. I love absolutely love this shirt!! We tell our boys all the time to be thankful for who they are and what they have and to not let bully's make them feel any different about themselves!! This has been vital to keeping Nathaniel going after all that he has gone throught he last three years with bully's at school!! We tell them all the time that it is important to empower themselves and that people will see that and start to empower themselves also!!

  4. This shirt is just my size!! And is super cute too!! I love butterflys and it stands for empowerment.

  5. I need this shirt so I can be the coolest kid on the block. And maybe I can inspire a little world peace. Actually, I'd probably give it to my mom. I think she would love it!

    Jen Lee

  6. so many things in life get taken for granted... view each day as a bright beginning... put the past ... just that in the past and live life to it's fullest... i'm blessed to have such special people in my life... and am thankful for the little miracles each day brings...

  7. I'd love this shirt because it just looks so cool! :)