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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby and Child Contest Winners Announced! {San Antonio Child Photographer}

Thank You to all who participated and voted in the Artistic Images Baby and Child Contest! 
 I was so impressed by the amount of votes that were received!
It took us a while to tally the votes from my E-Blog and Facebook but it is finally complete.
And the WINNERS are:

0-2 years old:

3-5 years old:

6-8 years old:

9-12 years old:
1st...ANNA! (age 11)
3rd...ANNA! (age 12)

1st place winner receives a $250 portrait credit to Artistic Images
2nd place winner receives a $100 portrait credit to Artistic Images
3rd place winner receives a $50 portrait credit to Artistic Images

**If YOU are one of the LUCKY WINNERS, please email Trey at trey@ehoman.com to let him
know if you would like a gift certficate or a credit on your account for the contest photos.**

I hope this was a great experience for everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing all of the children and getting to be creative with each and everyone one.

Images will be online to order from until APRIL 12.
 All contest images will be removed on APRIL 13. If you are not able to place your order prior to APRIL 12, a $50 fee will be incurred to repost them.


  1. Congratulations Annaliese, Wesley, Spencer and Maddie!!! Great job!!!
    Marilene Zamora

  2. We are so excited for Elise.....THANK YOU Elizabeth, Trey and your wonderful staff for always making our picture time an enjoyable and beautiful time!! You capture our children with such a beauty that always leaves us speechless!!