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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Destination....EUROPE! {San Antonio Family Portrait Photographer}

We are SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to travel to Europe in June 2015 and photograph families and couples. Seriously, this is like a DREAM!

You know you WANT to go, so let's make it happen!
Paris....June 9-14
However, we are not limited to Paris the city. If you want to do portraits in Versailles....GREAT! If you have a favorite little spot you LOVE that is fairly close...AWESOME!
As of today, we already have the mornings of June 13th and 14th booked with two lucky families!
Germany...June 15-19
We are still deciding on our itinerary in Germany. We will be staying at a place close to Trier (the oldest city in Germany) and are planning on a trip to Luxemburg and wherever there are some beautiful castles. Call now before we finalize if you want to go to someplace you LOVE in Germany. I believe the biggest city closest to me will be Frankfurt.
London...June 19-25
The Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, and much much more! Don't forget the countryside close to London, as we are open to venture out of the city a little too!
We are already booked for the morning of the 20th (or it could be the afternoon...still deciding) with another lucky family, but we still have plenty of openings!

What is the first step?
Call me! 210-497-3809
There is no obligation if you just call, right? Let's chat details and we will go from there.
If you would rather email...send me one HERE

What are the details?
The session fee is $650. This is for a sunrise or sunset session (whole session is about 3 hours depending on the desired locations)
There is a minimum order of $2000. All of that goes towards a portrait, or an album, or whatever your would like!
It is all PAID in ADVANCE of the trip.
You do NOT have to pay my expenses (since I have at least TWO sessions already).

What do I guarantee?
A FABULOUS experience! AMAZING portraits at an AMAZING location or two!


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