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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cutest Smile Contest and WINNER! {Celebration of Smiles...PPA Charities}

We had a fabulous turnout for our 1st ever Cutest Smile Contest!
We did this in conjunction with PPA Charities Celebration of Smiles Event. Clients paid a minimum of $25 to have a mini session done. However the more $$ they paid, the more gift certificate "credit" they received from us.

I am happy to say that we were able to donate $1050 to Operation Smile. 

It costs $240 to "save a smile".  Saving a Smile means that the Operation Smile physicians travel to countries where cleft lip and cleft palette are common birth defects. They operate on these children and adults, fixing what could have been (and has been) serious issues. 
For only $240 a LIFE can be CHANGED! 
For some of us, that is the cost of a nice dinner out.
Or a new outfit.
For these people, $240 changes their life.

With the money we received from our Cutest Smile Contestants, we were
able to donate $1050, saving FOUR+ smiles!!
THANK YOU to those who took advantage of this wonderful event!

Here are the beautiful children that came to visit us last week:
(The winner of the contest is announced at the bottom)

All of the children have AMAZING smiles!!!

And the winner of the $50 Toys R Us Gift card is......
Sweet Rebecca!!!

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