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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Never Thought I Would Be Here {San Antonio Portrait Photographer}

23 years ago I started this business not knowing a single thing about business. In fact, I really didn't know much about photography back then. I had graduated with a minor in photography and while I knew the technical aspects of photography, I didn't know how to pose a bride or work with a little child. My parents always taught me to do my best and not knowing how to do things just wasn't going to cut it. to Texas School of Professional Photography I went.

I learned so much those first few years I attended. My head was spinning with so much new found knowledge. I was getting more proficient and confident each and every day. I met my first mentor, Don MacGregor from British Columbia. I remember him telling me to keep striving to be the best and he was convinced I would be One of the Best Photographers out there. Wow! I really thought he was just being nice. Back then, my friend and mentor Don was a member of the Camera Craftsmen of America. He showed me a hardcover book of the 40 members and a small selection of their work. It was stunning. I studied that book and kept it with my inspirational books where it still sits today...19 years later.

A few years later, I studied under another Camera Craftsmen member, Bruce Hudson. Bruce was very influential in my career, my marketing, my business practices and my photography. Bruce became a friend over the years, even though he stole away my employee, Terri, and married her! Bruce is the epitome of professional. He is an incredible artist, brilliant marketer and is passionate about teaching photography to others.

Fast forward 15 years. I have met and become friends with many wonderful photographers. I have watched the exclusive 40 member Camera Craftsmen of America over the years with high regard. Each and every member is an INCREDIBLE photographer. They have selfishly given of their time to help educate the up and coming photographers throughout the world. These members are wonderful people who have passion and compassion. I admire their commitment to excellence and their talent and I consider many of them friends.

Never, ever, EVER did I think that I would ever be invited to join the Camera Craftsmen of America. Never. But I was.

I was.

I was invited to join CCA.

I got the call at 7:30am this past Sunday, March 29th. I had been voted in to this amazing group of people. Let me correct that....Trey and I....had been voted in to CCA.  Because it is not a club, or a group, but a family.

I have pinched myself 107 times since getting the call. I still don't really believe that it has happened. I never even let myself imagine being part of CCA.

But here WE are! The newest members of the CCA family.

I look forward to all the things that this means. I look forward to meeting members that I do not know. I look forward to enjoying the company of those members that I already know, admire and respect.

I never thought I would be here, but I sure am happy I am!!

For more information about Camera Craftsmen of America click HERE.


  1. Wow, what an honor and they sure picked the perfect woman to have in their illustrious group. You have always been such a fabulous photographer and sharing educator. Well deserved. Enjoy!!