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Friday, October 23, 2015

"Oh The Places You'll Go".....Destination Portraits 2015-2016 {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Do you love to TRAVEL?
So do we!!!

We love to travel so much that we decided a few years ago to add that element into our business.
So now we offer DESTINATION PORTRAITS and it is really taken off!

How do we decide where to go?
There are two ways:
A) We (my family and I) would like to visit the area so we put the idea out there and see who else would like to join us.
B) YOU (my client) want to visit a certain area, so YOU (my client) call me and we discuss thoughts on dates and then we spread the word that we will be visiting the area to see if anyone wants to join in on the location.
C) I am visiting the area already for a workshop, wedding or speaking engagement and decide to go a few days early or stay late to do portraits while I am there.

So...if you want to go somewhere really cool (or important to you) and have not yet seen the location on my list of places to go, then you need to CALL us so we can discuss. Calling is not a commitment, it just opens the discussion up. Almost ALL of our destinations have started with ONE person having an idea.

What is involved?
In order to make a destination happen where we have to FLY OVER SEAS, I will need a grand total of THREE portrait sessions to make it happen. That is why it is important to plan ahead so I can market the location well in advance of the trip. If you travel with another family often, they could sign up too and we are almost there! When I have 3 sessions, I will take care of my airfare and hotel.

If we don't have to fly overseas, I will need a grand total of TWO sessions to make the trip happen.

Now, if you don't mind paying my airfare and hotel, then you can book me for just YOUR FAMILY at any location worldwide anytime and I will be there.

The session fee is $650 and there is a $2000 minimum print order on all Destination sessions.

SO....Where are we going this year???

Italy...1 opening, but HURRY...Itineraries are getting  ready to be finalized.
London...Only ONE opening
Hawaii....POSTPONED until further notice
Orlando...Only ONE opening
Destin...4 Sunset Sessions available
Colorado...Only ONE opening

We are looking at Memorial Weekend (May 28-30) 
or July 5-8
but nothing has been booked yet.

CALL us ASAP to get information about joining us at any of our Destinations.
We would love to capture YOUR family in your favorite vacation destination!

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