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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Polar Express with Santa! All Session Fees benefit Any Baby Can of San Antonio

The Polar Express is coming to San Antonio
on November 15th and
Artistic Images will be DONATING all of the Session fees 
from November 15 to
We are so excited to be able to partner with 
such a wonderful organization!

Santa's Polar Express is great for all ages!
This very storytelling setting is perfect for portraits, album and of course, Christmas Cards.
This session would be adorable dressed in their Christmas best
OR in adorable pajamas just like the movie. 

(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will I have to wait in line?NO WAY! All of our sessions are by appointment only. If there were an unforeseen circumstance where waiting may occur, you will do so in a comfortable environment where seating is available. While we RARELY
have this happen, there are the occasional times that

waiting 5 minutes may be necessary.

2. Can we have a change of clothes?

While we try to be as accommodating as possible, we do not recommend a clothing change during any of our Collector's Series Sessions. The sessions are only 20 minutes and we want the full time to be used photographing your child.

3. What if my child is afraid of Santa?

If your child is between the ages of 9 months-3 years, the chances are EXTREMELY high that Santa may be a bit "scary" to them. This is normal. We begin every session with images without Santa and introduce him as the session evolves.  There are many times that Santa is in the portrait and the child is unaware of that.  Rest assured, with or without the man in red, we will capture a beautiful image of your child or children in our amazing scene.

4. Can my family join in?
Some of our sets have the capability of having families join in the session and some do not. Typically, our sets are designed specifically for children and tend to look a bit "small" when adults join in. This year, our Reason for the Season may work with a small family of up to 5 people and our Santa's Reindeer session is able to handle families of up to 6 members.
However, our FALL FAMILY SESSIONS are beautiful, non-"Christmasy" sessions that showcase your family in beautiful environments.
Click HERE to find out more info.

5. What type of packages are available?
We have a la carte prints as well as packages that range in price with all kinds of amazing products. In order to get more information about what our packages include, please contact the studio where we will be happy to answer any and all questions. While our specialty is the finished printed product, we do also have a digital package, should you wish to purchase the digital negatives.

What to wear?

Call 210-497-3809

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