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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2018 SENIORS...Our Summer Sale is ON! {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

2018 Seniors:
This is your chance to get your senior portraits while you off for the Summer AND you will pay
HALF PRICE if you do them before September 1st!
It's true. 
Our three most popular sessions are on sale for 50% off from NOW until SEPTEMBER 1st.
Here are a few great reasons why you should do your portraits NOW 
instead of waiting until school starts:
1. You have the time to spare. 
Once school starts, there is band/football/cheer, etc practice. 
Not to mention homework, tests and projects.
2. You have your summer tan.
No explanation needed
3. You will have your portraits ready to go. 
There are many deadlines for yearbook, 
slideshows and other amazing publications that you are 
going to be in and those can totally sneak up on you.
4. Sessions are on SALE!!
Well, this just makes sense, doesn't it? Save your parents money on your 
session so they can buy you all of those social media files you want instead!

Scroll down for SAMPLES and the HOT COLORS for this year!

Here are some samples of what others have done for their Senior Portraits.

 Here are the HOT COLORS for the SUMMER and FALL of 2017

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