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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Santa Experience 2017 {San Antonio Santa Portraits}

The Santa Experience 2017 is NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS!

Here are some more images to check out:


Sessions are 20 minutes in length and are by appointment only. 
Session Fee: $50
Minimum purchase $200
Both the session fee and minimum purchase are due at the time of reservation.

We have a Create your own Collection pricing structure, allowing you to get only what you want. 
While we do offer two digital collections, 
our clients love us because we create FINISHED PRODUCTS.
From Wall Decor to Paintings to Albums and Christmas Cards...the Artistic Images Team 
is here to make your life a little easier. 
So leave the work to us, just select your favorite images and we will do the rest.

What to Wear:
This setting is great for Formal Attire all the way down to your Christmas Pajamas! The colors are gold, silver, white, grey and of course Santa will be wearing his RED suit.

Artistic Images has been creating Santa Portraits for the past 23 years. This is the first year that we have chosen to only do ONE Santa Setting on ONE weekend. We will be taking appointments early and late, but we will not be adding any days...after all Santa is VERY BUSY this time of year. 

210-497-3809 or email us HERE to make your reservation

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