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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to have your Senior Portraits Made in the SUMMER {San Antonio Senior Photographer}

And that means that if you were a JUNIOR, you are NOW a SENIOR!!

This is cause for a little celebration!

Mom is thinking "Holy Cow, how did that happen? She/He just seemed like they started High School last week, and now they are a senior?"
Time flies.

So, that brings me to my point: This summer will FLY by and before you know it, it will be time for dance team/football/band practice to begin.

The time is NOW, to have your senior portraits made. Yes, THIS SUMMER. You know, the one BEFORE you start your senior year.

Why NOW? I don't look like I will look in a year (yeah, right). I'm not officially a senior (yes, you are).

So, I have compiled a TOP TEN list (like David Letterman) of why you should have your senior portraits made THIS SUMMER.

#10: You are OUT of school. No schedule. You have MORE time on your hands.
#9:  Summer fashions are AWESOME and ON SALE right now!
#8: You have a TAN!
#7: Once school begins, you will be so busy that you will have no flexibility to schedule when YOU want.
#6: You have time to get a pedicure, manicure, etc prior to your senior portraits
#5: You will have your whole senior year to share your photos again and again on Instagram.
#4: You will be the trendsetter, having the BEST SENIOR PORTRAITS in SAN ANTONIO
#3: You are STRESS-FREE. No tests, no studying, no stress. This makes for a beautiful smile.
#2: You could book back to back sessions with a FRIEND for moral support, love and FUN!
#1: We are having a SALE!!!! 75 % off all Session Fees*!! That means you can buy more outfits, or more photos!

*excludes our popular location session "Model for the Day"

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