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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby and Child portrait contest


Artistic Images Baby and Child Portrait Contest


Rules and Regulations


1. Call the studio to book your complimentary 30 minute session  between January 25-April 30 @ 210-497-3809

2. Portraits are of one child only.  Each sibling must have a separate session.

3. Portrait sessions include one outfit and one scene only.  Portraits will be created in or outside the Artistic Images Studio.

4. Portrait sessions will be created during normal business hours and are not available on Saturdays or Sundays.

5. Elizabeth will decide how the child will be photographed after a brief phone consultation with the contestant's parent.

6. Session is complimentary and includes one image submission to the competition.

7. Elizabeth will choose which image is submitted to the competition.

8. Submitted images will also be put on Facebook and E-Blog for online competition and voting.

9. Contestant's parent must have online access to the E-Blog and/or be a Facebook "fan" of Artistic Images, Portraits by Elizabeth

10. Child must be between age newborn to 12 years of age.

11. Voting ends June 30, 2010 and the winners will be announced immediately following.



One portrait session......TWO Competitions

1. Entering your child into the Artistic Images Baby and Child Portrait Contest will enter them into a National Competition of Professional Photographers through our fantastic professional lab.  From the National Competition cash prizes will be awarded in these 4 categories:

                    Color                     Black and White                              Humorous                    Special Needs

1st place      $2000

2nd place    $1000

 3rd place     $750

Honorable mention  $500

Grand prize $5000

All cash prizes are given to the child's family.  The photographer's work will be published but will receive no monetary compensation.


2. Entering your child into the Artistic Images Baby and Child Portrait Contest will enter them into an online competition hosted by Artistic Images.

The selected image will be put on our E-Blog and on our Facebook Fan Page.  Visitors to the blog and facebook page will be able to vote for their favorties in each category. The images with the most votes/comments in these categories will win portrait credit to Artistic Images:


Chubbiest Baby

Most Beautiful Eyes

Most Creative Outfit/Scene

Funniest Expression

Best Pre-teen

Most Artistic

Best of our Special Children


1st Place  $500 portrait credit

2nd Place $250 portrait credit

3rd Place $100 portrait credit



How do I enter?


1. Call the studio to chat with one of our design consultants and book your session

2. Only a select number of "contest sessions" will be photographed each month so call NOW to get on the calendar before it fills.

3. Become a Facebook "fan" of Artistic Images and "join" the E-Blogat

4. Keep your first scheduled appointment as we only allow a certain number of "contest session" per month





What if I want to purchase some?


Of course you can purchase whatever you wish off of our Collector's Series Price List.  Images may be shown immediately following   your portrait session (by appointment only) or can be put online for you and your family to view and order from home.



How do I get votes?


The best way to get votes is to tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW to become a Facebook Fan of Artistic Images and vote by commenting  on YOUR CHILD's image in the category that most appropriately fits your child's image.

Not on Facebook?  Go to the E-Blogand vote by commenting on YOUR CHILD's image in the appropriate category.

Votes count ONLY when they are from different people(different facebook accts and/or email addresses)...EX: you, your husband, your mom and your aunt can all vote and each vote will count.  YOU can NOT vote 53 times :)

The more friends, acquaintances, coworkers, etc that you know the more votes you will get! 

PLUS...the fact that Artistic Images already has a lot of fans and Elizabeth has a lot of friends, people that you don't even know will also vote for your child's image.

So, it is simple 


Chances to win CASH Prizes and PORTRAIT CREDIT at Artistic Images




PS:  Elizabeth has won more awards than most so with your child in her hands....Your chances to win something are AMAZING!  And if you win nothing at all, you have had some beautiful portraits of YOUR Child that you will cherish FOREVER!










  1. Olivia is adorable and such a cutie. I love the picture and the way it was set up.

  2. Chloe Rose has my vote!!! She is so sweet, smart, and of course cute. She is my sweet pickle.
    Her Nanny, Brenda Howell