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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lainey turns 4!

Lainey's parents have been coming to me for all of the special occasions in their life: graduation, wedding and now family portraits! Lainey's parents have a cool tradition of having each of their children have a special portrait session just for them when they turn 4. Her older brother has had his turn and Lainey has been patiently waiting her turn for almost 2 years! Her time has finally come and what a model she was! (I secretly think she has been watching America's Next Top Model behind her parent's back)
Take a look at her portraits! Don't forget....we LIVE for nice comments about the portraits posted on here! Not just me, but the beautiful subjects as well.

Lainey's little sister, Paden couldn't help but join in on the dress up fun!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Elizabeth, you are amazing!
    -Brooke Wood

  2. I am Laney's other grandmother. I can't thank you enough for these gorgeous photos. I know Laney is a beautiful girl but your photos have gone above and beyond to REALLY portait the light that gleams in her eyes on a daily basis. You have done such a great job I can't pick a favorite! Thank you for making my day.
    Lisa Wood

  3. WOW, absolutely amazing!! She looks so much like Brooke here! Elizabeth has been a part of the Larkin's lives since 1996 and we love coming back for more. She always has fresh ideas and captures the true personality of her subjects. Laney is so speacial to us and you can tell that from these pictures.
    Katie Larkin Knolle